What tourists should know about rabies


Rabies vaccine Things that should not be overlooked

Rabies vaccines Another big problem for wading travelers is that everyone has more or less the opportunity to come into contact with animals. Whether it's dogs, cats, rats, monkeys, lemurs, or whatever, it's more or less vulnerable to rabies, whether it's bitten, licking, or just getting hit, all of which make a point.

  • 00:55 "Rabies" Can be caught from animals?
  • 02:08 When are tourists likely to be exposed to the virus?
  • 03:19 The seriousness of rabies
  • 03:52 rabies In which countries are it found?
  • 04:41 If we get bitten by an animal How should we behave? How does the vaccine need to be injected?
  • 08:30 Why is immunoglobulin important?
  • 09:50 Taking bactericidal drugs After being bitten
  • 10:17 How can we prevent rabies virus infection?
  • 11:10 Injection "rabies vaccine" Before you go on a trip What are the principles?
  • 13:22 Who should receive it? Rabies vaccine." Before you travel, who is there?
  • 15:27 Let's say you go on a trip and get bitten by an animal for 2-3 weeks, come back to Thailand, do you still need to get vaccinated?
  • 16:15 Did you know "Bat"? Not as cute as we thought.
  • 17:25 A special group of people who should be vaccinated against rabies."
  • 18:30 The price of the "rabies vaccine" In our home compared to other countries.

Understand Rabies and rabies vaccine

  1. Rabies can occur from all mammals. It doesn't have to come from a dog only!!!Cats, cows, skunks, lemurs, monkeys can all be observed by observing the behavior of the animal or not knowing the origin of the animal. There is a touch of saliva.  Visitors have the opportunity to touch animals that have been bitten or scratched. Especially in the face, neck, and head area, which are located near the brain or central nervous system, there is a greater chance of infection.
  2. Rabies is already deadly. When infected, the infection enters the central nervous system and brain. As a result, the chances of survival are relatively low, leading to death. Currently, the infection can be found on almost all continents of the world and is heavily spread in Asia, with the exception of Antarctica, due to the absence of these animals.  Tropical countries are the highest risk areas.
  3. What should I do when I get bitten or touched ? Clean the area and its surroundings with soap as soon as possible. By recognizing from the animals we touch where they come from. Animals that we do not raise in a closed system are considered to be at higher risk than animals that we know where they came from or raised in a closed system. If possible, if bitten by an animal, catch it for about 10 symptoms. day  In the event that the animal dies, assume that the animal is infected, which is very risky. However, it can also be considered as external contact, through wounds, or in direct contact with our tissues.

How many doses of rabies vaccine to prevent?

For rabies vaccination, usually 4-5 injections are divided into 2 forms : before and after exposure, which will be injected 3 needles before contact or exposure, and 2 needles after contact or exposure.
Another form is post-infection injection without having been vaccinated before.

Cases of infection without having been vaccinated before are necessary . Immunoglobulin injection together with rabies vaccine Immunoglobulin acts to disinfect or destroy the poison first by injecting it after exposure, which is very risky to treat because many areas do not have this or are difficult to find, which is why we should get rabies vaccine before traveling.

How to prevent rabies infection?

  • Do not bring yourself into contact with all types of animals during the trip.
  • Do not let the animal come into contact with the local animal.
  • Get vaccinated before you travel

People who should get rabies vaccine before traveling

In fact, it is not only tourists, but also the general public in South Asian countries and tropical areas in particular. India Before traveling to any country, it is advisable to look back at the chances of getting the disease in that country.

In case of bite or contact, but cannot find the vaccine immediately. How to do it?

Since the incubation or formation time of rabies is quite long, it is very necessary to vaccinate as soon as possible in order for the body to build immunity by injecting as soon as possible.

Bats, beasts that should not be overlooked!

Bats are mammals that can carry both pathogens and carriers of many diseases, including rabies, Ebola, Nipah virus, and Marburg virus.

A group of individuals who should not be injected. Rabies vaccine or need to be advised before receiving the vaccine

This includes those who have low immunity or take immunosuppressants because there are certain physical limitations when receiving certain medications or vaccines can be dangerous.

How much does a rabies vaccine cost?

The cost of rabies vaccines in Thailand is relatively cheap compared to global vaccine prices.  The price is around 300-400 baht, while in foreign countries the price is 100 -200 dollars/needle. Visitors should receive only 3 injections before traveling.

It can be seen that the rabies vaccine It is of great importance to travelers. Hikers or backpackers for rabies vaccinations before the trip. The doctor will inject on day 0 and day 7  every time the disease is exposed. It is always necessary to have a booster vaccination. Because the cost of prevention is lower than the cost of treatment !!!

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