Face Contouring – Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer Facial Injection

Using fat transfer to correct problems and defects on the face can fill parts of the face at any point. As a result, after injecting the fat cells themselves, the face is saturated with a natural shape.

Where can I do fat transfer?

Fat filling is a solution, filling the trenches in the part we need. It can do almost any part of the face, but the most popular position is the cheek slits, the lips, the cheeks, the chin, the deeper the under-eye.

How to use fat yourself?

  • Fat injected in The body will respond well, not resist, because it is its own fat. As a result, patients do not have rejection.
  • There are no foreign substances like the use of fillers or fillers.
  • Because fat cells are living cells, they look natural, youthful, and the same as the skin.
  • The fat injected is permanent and partially decomposes.

Those who are suitable for filling their faces with fat transfer

  • Those who have sagging face problems want their face to be firm.
  • Those who have torso collapse with age, cheeks answer, the tongue collapses.
  • People with deep under-eye grooves
  • Those who want to fill their faces with a younger look
  • Those with scars, wrinkles, deep grooves
  • Those who want to fill it up to enhance their facial erratic, such as fat injections to fill their foreheads.

Fat Transfer Procedure

  • Perform liposuction
  • Sort fat according to the desired properties and appearance.
  • Cleanse the face with medications and anesthmizers.
  • Selected quality fats Inject back into the face of the selected area.

Self-care after fat transfer

  • Do not wash your face hard or squeeze a strong massage after treatment.
  • Avoid activities that cause the face to be exposed to heat, such as sauna, hot water. Wash your face with a hundred waters for the first 4 weeks.
  • After liposuction within 24 hours, muscle aches may be caused after 1 day of recovery.
  • Refrain from eating slang, alcohol, chicken, eggs, milk, seafood, fermentation. 2-4 weeks
  • Refrain from washing your face and makeup for 2 days.

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