Oxy Air (Air Dessector)

Acne problems In addition to creating inflammation and scarring, Sometimes you leave a hole in your blemish to grumble. This problem is solved by treating Oxy Air acne holes.

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What is Oxy Air?

The acne hole treatment tool, called Oxy Air, is characterized by a cylindrical rod. The diameter is about 2.5 centimeters, with a sharp needle at the end of the cylinder. The operation of Oxy Air is to release gas to the subcutaneous to make the skin shallower, it may be done in conjunction with Gentle Laser, at the discretion of the doctor who performed the treatment. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to heal, based on the number and depth of each patient’s acne hole.

What kind of acne can become an acne hole?

The characteristics of acne that can become acne holes are as follows.

  • A large elephant’s head pimple (Cyst) with pus in the blood inside the acne head.
  • Severe acne (Pustule) or pustule acne
  • Acne infected with bacteria spreads throughout the subcutaneous layer (Nodule)

Each type of acne hole

People with acne often progress to deeper ground up to the inside, causing the meat to disappear and become acne holes, or some people with acne and then squeeze acne into acne, which can cause acne holes to form acne holes, which can be divided into three levels of severity:

Acne Hole Treatment

Acne Hole Treatment

Acne problems In addition to creating inflammation and scarring, Sometimes you leave a hole in your blemish to grumble. Because people with acne holes will make the skin rough. Uneven, repetitive, may be teased as looking like the lunar surface.  Having acne holes on their faces is like a nightmare that many people don’t want to cause to happen to themselves, so making Air – Dissector or Oxy Air.  There are several ways to treat acne holes, including applying topical drugs in case of acne holes at box scar and rolling scar levels, injecting filler fillers, filling acne holes. AHA acid peeling, subcision, laser firing to repair worn skin such as Fractional CO2, Fraxel Laser, Oxy Air, but the most effective and effective treatment is the use of Oxy Air.

Acne Hole Treatment Subcutaneous fibrosis with high pressure air (Oxy Air)

Innovations to solve scars, deep grooves, wide pores and stimulate skin regeneration are another innovation. This device is called Intradermal Air Dissector, which translates into Thai as an air-based surface separation machine, but the reality is that the device helps to remove the fibrosis under the surface with high pressure air.

Let’s first understand the self-repair mechanisms of the skin and the scarring of the skin: The nature of human skin (not including subcutaneous fat layers) consists of a thin upper layer called epidermis, and the thicker bottom, the dermis layer, which consists of several living cells. There are small blood vessels and nerves. Sweat glands Also known as Adnexal Structure, cells in this layer can be divided to repair and replace broken cells. Therefore, the scar will not be formed, the wound will heal into normal skin.

Oxy Air Acne Hole Treatment

Results from Oxy Air Acne Hole Treatment

  1. Oxy Air acne pit treatment takes approximately 3-5 times to see the effect, depending on the stage of acne.
  2. If the patient has recently recovered from acne and left acne hole marks at the box scar or rolling scar level, the result of the treatment will take about 3–4 weeks.
  3. If the patient has acne hole marks at ice pick scar levels, the treatment may take longer than other levels, seeing a satisfactory effect to some extent. This must be done in conjunction with preventing acne holes from recurring regularly.

Areas where acne holes can be treated with Oxy Air

  • Lasers can be used almost anywhere, focusing on problem points or areas such as face, neck, knees, elbows, hands, arms, buttocks, abdomen, and more. Stretch marks, etc.

When does Oxy Air acne hole treatment see results?

  • Most treatment results are clearly seen for 4-6 weeks.
  • In the first 1-2 days after treatment, the skin turns pink or red, which is normal.
  • And in the first 7 days, the skin begins to scab and peel the skin layer.
  • Caution is not to peel off the skin on its own, as this will cause the process of stimulating the production of new skin cells or creating an imperfect layer of collagen. In some cases, it can cause darker skin color.

Side effects of acne hole treatment

  • Acne hole treatment with Oxy Air has no serious harmful side effects.
  • However, patients with scarring around the eyes can cause the eye to swell due to the gas injected to react to the scar.
  • The swelling of the eye will gradually disappear within 3-5 days if the acne sufferer regularly cleanses the face. Do not let acne become inflamed.
  • Not going to sheep or squeezing acne can help reduce acne holes, but whenever acne holes occur, there is no need to worry about the surface becoming a moon anymore. There are also ways to treat acne holes that help restore the skin to smoothness again.

Examples of procedures for treating acne holes with Oxy Air


picture OXY AIR (Air dissector) Case Review: Acne Hole Treatment

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