Body Hair Removal (Belly, Back or Chest)

Triple Diode Yag Laser Hair Removal Laser Machine 3 Power

Body Hair Removal (Belly, Back or Chest)?

In general, feathers on the stomach. Since the hair on the abdomen is an expressive characteristic of males, it may also be found that some women with hair in this area, which is not uncommon, can also be some of the signs associated with women’s hormone levels. For example, testosterone levels are rising. Multiple ovarian cysts occur. In some cases, it can also occur as a result of pregnancy. Because pregnant women have somewhat more variable hormone levels than usual, there may be hairs on different areas of the body. There are many ways to do this, including shaving, waxing, hair removal cream, and laser hair removal. Hair removal lasers are hair removal methods using laser energy waves that use the most efficient laser energy waves today such as Alexandrite laser, Diode Laser, and YAG Laser to permanently remove hair. In the laser hair removal process, laser energy waves are sent directly to bind to the hair roots, which, once the hair roots are heated by a certain level of laser energy, will cause the hair roots to atrophy and eventually fall off. Each operation is able to remove about 20% of the hair in the area of the hair in the area. If completed according to the course, it will help keep the hairs in the area from growing for a long time, as well as make the skin look more radiant. I’ve heard this. If any of the girls or boys have problems with their stomach hair. Back and chest And I want to get rid of these hairs. This hair laser is the best because you don’t have to waste time removing hair yourself or risking injury due to the wrong hair removal method. We have developed and combined YAG Laser with other types of laser energy to form a 3-energy hair removal laser that makes hair removal smoother, more refined and safer. Therefore, it can be ensured that the abdominal hair that was once a concern will be removed. Without risking burns or laser hair is still dependent, with a 3-energy hair laser at Siam Clinic. It’s a laser feather on the back. Laser hair on the stomach The hair laser on the chest is a very popular hair removal method. Because there are quite a few people who are worried about hair, since it is an area where the hairs are clearly visible, and if the hairs are dark or thick, they can feel a lack of confidence. In addition, people who want to have white skin also believe that if you do a hair laser, it can help to whiten it, so many girls and boys are turning to laser hair. However, making laser hairs. It can help the skin to look smoother and brighter. In addition to the waves of energy used to cause the roots of the hairs in the area to atrophy. Laser energy also stimulates the skin to return to radiance to a certain extent. If done the number of times recommended by experts, the hair will disappear and it will be easier to apply the skin cream, allowing the cream to penetrate better into the skin. When the skin is well nourished, it whitens the skin. That’s why laser hair makes the skin look whiter by using the current laser hair removal process, which is a safe laser energy wave that has been certified to have no impact on the body.

  • Long-pulsed Alexandrite laser has a wavelength range of 755 nm. This allows for deeper glide than long-pulsed ruby lasers and IPL, and it can capture pigments better than traditional fur lasers. This laser is suitable for people with white skin to honey skin tone undertone yellow.
  • YAG Laser – It has a wave length of 1064 nm, and this wavelength range can go up to 7 millimeters deep into the skin, and it can bind very well to the pigments of the hairs. It is suitable for people with tan or dark skin, or people with a fairly needle coat color like Thai people, for example.
  • Diode Laser – With wave length ranges ranging from 800-810, 940, 1064-1350 nm, Diode lasers can absorb quite a lot of pigment and can go deep into the skin layers. This laser is suitable for whites to medium skin but not yet to tan.

Although these 3 hair lasers are suitable for different hair conditions and skin tones of people, one thing you should be aware of is that on a person’s body there is more than one type of hair. For this reason, a hair laser technology that can remove any type of hair has been developed. By combining multiple wavelengths of laser energy and using them for hair removal. This hair laser technology is a 3-energy hair laser.

Laser Feather 3 Energy for smooth skin

The 3-energy hair laser is a new hair removal laser technology that combines YAG Laser energy with diode laser and Alexandrite Laser energy waves. At all skin levels, regardless of the thickness or color of the hairs, at any stage, they can be removed. Not only that. It’s a matter of safety. Laser wool is also highly secure. As a result, you don’t have to risk the side effects caused by laser treatment and don’t waste time on conventional hair removal.

Does laser hair hurt?

At Siam Clinic Phuket, we have Triple Diode Yag Laser , a technology that combines the 3 best energy in hair removal, namely YAG Laser Diode Laser and Alexandrite Laser, which are the best slippery ranges. In hair removal When combined, 3 powers are transmitted simultaneously. This makes hair removal performance even better. During the procedure, a cold compress is applied and a cold gel is used to help reduce the temperature on the skin layer, making it feel more comfortable. When doing the laser hair, it feels warm and like a rubber band is gently ejected on the skin. In addition to causing the hair to disappear, it also acquires a smoother skin. It also reduces ingrown hair and chicken skin.

What is Triple Diode Yag Laser?

The newest hair laser technology from Siam Clinic combines all 3 types of lasers with 3 levels of light wavelength to create a more efficient hair laser technology. It takes less time to do it, but it can also get rid of hair at all skin levels.

  • Alexandrite laser is a laser energy wave with a wavelength range of 755 nm, capable of going deeper and capturing pigments better than laser energy waves that use ruby crystals as a medium or light energy waves like IPL.
  • Diode Laser energy waves with a wave length of 808 nm are characterized by being able to absorb quite a lot of pigments and go deep into the skin. This has a high hair removal capability compared to other types of lasers.
  • YAG Laser is a laser energy wave with a wave length of 1064 nm. It can go deep into the skin up to 7 millimeters deep and can bind to the pigment of the hair very well. This makes it possible to get rid of hair completely and as safely as possible.

Regardless of the thickness of the hair, or what kind of coat color it is, it can be removed. In addition to higher efficiency from laser strips. Also imported from usa stable, high power laser power 1200 watt Triple Diode – Yag Laser passed FDA certification. Thailand and Usa U.S.FDA With touch cooling technology, the skin cools during hair removal, reducing inflammation, swelling and sunburn with a maximum cooling energy of up to -16 degrees.

Principle of operation

Melanin, which is located in the root area of the hair, is a light sucker. The Tripple Diode Yag Laser emits 3 wavelengths, both 755 + 805 nm + 1064 nm. Melanin absorbs at all depths. Selective Photothermolysis

Who is it Best For?

In laser preparation, it is important because it will facilitate the specialist service, allowing the laser to be carried more efficiently. Before making lasers, patients should prepare in the following ways:

  1. Avoid plucking hair in areas where laser hair removal is required. Approximately 3-4 weeks before the service, use a light shave with a razor instead. The reason for the withdrawal is because laser hair making uses a laser beam to pass energy into the hair roots. Then the hair root cells absorb the thermal energy. This causes the hairy roots to eventually atrophy.
  2. Before laser beam projection Staff will clean the area where the hair is needed, then shave gently with a single-use scraper, ensuring safety, sterility.
  3. After shaving, a cold gel is placed on the skin in the area where the hair laser is made. The cold will make you feel comfortable during laser treatment.
  4. Before firing the laser in the sensitive area, the Cool Pack is placed again. At the time of the laser treatment, it feels like a slingshot and feels warm in the area of the operation, with a cold compress and cold gel applied throughout the procedure to make the laser feel more comfortable while firing.
  5. Effective permanent hair removal must be done at least 5-8 times, depending on the area where the hair is made. Race and color of hair are important.
  6. Each time, it should be 3-4 weeks apart, the skin at the site of hair removal, the pores will look smooth. And in some cases, the smell in the area is also reduced.

How to prepare before making laser hair?

All forms of hair removal, hard hair, light hair, black except white, including mustache, beard, bikini, armpit hair.  Body hair removal and help to brighten the skin and reduce ingrown hair.


  • Efficacy depends on the primitiveness of melanin in the hair roots. The more there is, the better it responds.
  • This cannot be done in the Tattoo area as it may cause the color to fade.
  • White or brond hair cannot be treated.
  • Before the treatment of the patient Plucking should be avoided.  The use of a plucking device that pulls hair to the root at least 4 weeks before hair removal.
  • Before hair removal, use only a scraper and trim scissors so that the hair roots do not fall out as well to reduce the smoke caused by the burning of the hairs that are exposed to laser light.
  • After hair removal Patients should avoid sunlight. Use sunscreen for at least 14-30 days.

Triple Diode Yag Laser Service Case Review

Siam Clinic Phuket has compiled a collection of real patients who come to the clinic to set an example for those who are interested in getting the service easier to decide. Because we believe that after the procedure, the results must be clearly visible. You can scroll through the photo reviews of the face treatment below.

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