Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is Nowadays, breast augmentation surgery or breast augmentation has gained a lot of popularity from the past. due to the technology of making milk Breast augmentation has developed and progressed. Techniques and methods of surgery by doctors have evolved accordingly. breast augmentation Dairy has many options. But if it's to be safe, you should choose surgery with a specialized surgeon who has expertise only. Breast augmentation surgery with breast implants or silicone bags is the most popular. because it is a material that has a beautiful shape and strength If there are no complications, it can stay in the body forever. Therefore, it is considered the most reasonable price and quality breast augmentation.
  • Breast augmentation with own fat (Fat Transfer Augmentation) is a method that is starting to gain more popularity. because using own tissue Do not use foreign objects high in nature But there are many limitations, for example, additional surgery is required, namely liposuction, which requires specific equipment and the injected fat's existence may differ from person to person.
  • Breast augmentation with breast implants (Breast Implant Augmentation)
  • Rough or textured silicone external surface
  • Smooth silicone external skin (Smooth)
There are also many shapes to choose from, such as round, teardrop, as well as different sizes and convexities. At present, silicone breast prostheses are of relatively good quality and durability. It does not need to be replaced after 5 years or 10 years. In the case of artificial breasts, the skin is rough or sandy (Textured Implant) which is quite popular in Thailand. It has been shown that it can reduce the formation of capsular contractions and has a good adhesion surface. Therefore, it is suitable for some types of breast silicone, such as teardrop-shaped. The rough skin silicone should be selected appropriately under the surgeon's advice and with regular surveillance and breast check-ups. for safety

Who is it suitable for wearing silicone breast augmentation technique?

Above the muscles

For girls with meat and fat in the breast area suitable for using this technique The breast augmentation silicone will be on all our muscle pads. It is suitable for people who have enough breast meat. to adhere to silicone and prevent the artificial breast bag from colliding with the breast skin

Under the muscle

Suitable for women with sagging breasts. Because under-muscle augmentation is better than over-muscle augmentation. Therefore, it will help shape the breasts more and make the breasts firm and look natural. Causing the chance of fascia to be greatly reduced But putting it under the muscles at first, there will be a problem with the silicone breasts floating up high. and can move back and forth when we contract the chest muscles The advantage of augmentation under the muscles is that when moving the arms, it helps the muscles in the chest to help massage the silicone in another way as well.

Semi submuscular

Also known as the Dual Plane technique, the doctor will add it by adjusting it down so that the upper half is under the lower half of the muscle making it as if it were with the breast meat. without covering muscles Some of the implants are located above the muscles. And some will be under the muscles, bringing the advantages of each breast augmentation technique together in one way. Therefore resulting in the results that, even the upper part of the body will look natural, not too round, so the shape of the chest is more natural than the original and helps to reduce the occurrence of fascia as well.

Choose a good silicone breast augmentation shape

Breast augmentation and milk production also have a variety of methods to choose from according to each person's body. Let's get to know silicone. Nowadays, there is also a special type of silicone that is nano or velvet skin silicone.

Semi-water drop silicone

which can be said that this style It brings the advantages of the original two types together. Make breast augmentation safe and natural. therefore obtaining more satisfactory results. The highlight of the semi-water drop silicone is a new special gel texture, the gel texture is 100% resilient gel, and this silicone gel texture can last more than 10 years or last a lifetime. at all

Round silicone

I can tell that this style will look natural. And flexible because the Cohesive Gel inside is more liquid than the teardrop shape. Suitable for patients who want to have a round breast shape. and fills the upper part of the breast

Water drop silicone

This silicone is designed to maintain its shape in the form of water droplets which the lower part is bloated and the upper part is flat in order to imitate Natural breast appearance in sitting and standing positions The silicone gel inside is quite hard and holds its shape. look natural

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation, can choose the area of the surgical wound that will be used to put the silicone. There are mainly 2 positions as follows:

  • Under the breast line, the surgical incision under the breast line can be positioned correctly. low blood loss and recover quickly as well as being used as a primary surgical wound In case of correction or replacement of silicone
  • under the armpit or around the areola Surgery for incisions under the armpits and around the nipples is more difficult. More bruising and blood loss recovery takes longer
  • Characteristics of the chest
  • The thickness of the flesh around the chest
  • sagging of the breasts

Prepare before breastfeeding

Preparation before breast augmentation surgery

  • Physical examination
  • Blood test
  • Lung x-ray
  • Check ECG according to criteria
  • Stop taking certain medications before surgery, such as anticoagulants such as aspirin, vitamins or herbs.
  • Abstain from food and water at least 6 hours before surgery
  • Stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol 4 weeks before surgery.
    • General anesthesia was given before surgery.
    • The surgeon will begin the planned operation on the breast augmentation recipient. by making a hole in the chest area, inserting silicone and sutures to close the wound
    • Breast augmentation surgery takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.
    • have pain
    • have swelling
    • inflammation, infection
    • Feel the lump in the chest area
    • There is lymph or bleeding from the surgical wound.
    • Side effects from anesthetics, painkillers, such as nausea and vomiting
    • Possible long-term effects of breast augmentation with silicone such as capsular contraction displacement of silicone sagging of the breasts Including deformation such as hardening or deformation. or breakage of the silicone bag

    Recovery period

    • The patient can return to normal work within 2–3 days.
    • The surgeon will make an appointment to examine the breasts and remove the stitches in about 1 week.
    • Patients should avoid The chest touches and hits anything. (except bras) for about 3–4 weeks
    • The scar will gradually fade away. faded after 3 months to 2 years after surgery The duration will vary for each patient.
    • There is a need to change the size or shape of the silicone.
    • complications such as inflammation, infection, or bleeding
    • Have a thick, tight contraction of fibrosis
    • There is a rupture of the silicone (Implant Rupture), which is very rare nowadays.

    Care after breast augmentation

    • Breast massage is the most important thing after breast augmentation, depending on the type of silicone. To prevent fascia, which will make the chest stiff. The patient should keep massaging the breasts because it will make the breasts have a more beautiful shape. Breast massage should be performed continuously for at least 6 months to 1 year.
    • Refrain from lifting objects heavier than 10 kilograms for 3-4 weeks.
    • refrain from strenuous activity or use a lot of energy for 1 month
    • Wear a support bra recommended by the hospital during 1 month after surgery
    • Refrain from smoking and alcohol Including fermented items at least 2 weeks after surgery.

    Age enhancement and breast augmentation

          The appearance of the breasts varies depending on the age range. Getting breast augmentation at a young age and before childbirth will help speed recovery. The chest is quite firm. slow sagging but with high tension And it may take some time before the shape takes place. As for breast augmentation during the older age especially after having children The chest will expand to some extent. and flexible make the shape fit quickly But it may cause sagging more quickly. Especially some cases whose original breasts are very sagging may need to be lifted as well.