Mouth Surgery

mouth surgery

Can't deny that Mouth surgery is the second most popular after rhinoplasty. which is almost no different But choosing surgery must choose from many factors. both medical experience and credibility of the clinic for effective results and your safety Renovating or correcting the lips with surgery in order to get the shape of the mouth that is proportional and beautiful to build confidence It can be done on both the upper lip and the lower lip. mouth surgery It is popular all over the world because in addition to cosmetic surgery, it is also a surgical surgery to correct the mouth shape problem. In the surgical operation, the plastic surgeon will assess the treatment of each person. Which will have to choose a treatment technique that matches the problem condition of the surgeon for the most satisfying and suitable results for you
How many types of oral surgery are there?
Lip surgery is divided into 3 main types, which are chest-shaped lip surgery. lip surgery and surgery to correct abnormal mouth shape problems which the mouth surgery Can do both upper lip and lower lip Including surgery in the surrounding part of the mouth, lip edge, corner of the mouth or mouth crevice Tailored to best suit you

Chestnut mouth

lip surgery Get attention for patients with thick lips that do not match the face. And chestnut lip surgery is suitable for those who have a thick upper lip. or have a shape that is not beautiful The chestnut-shaped lips will make you look more charming. In addition, it also helps to correct deformed lips, including those with tumors, infections, and inflammation that cause thick, swollen lips. and become a scar Plastic surgery can help refine and correct

Precautions before mouth surgery

  • Take a shower and wash your hair and clean your body thoroughly before surgery.
  • If you have a congenital disease or have regular medication Consult a doctor before surgery.
  • Refrain from taking anti-platelet and fibrinolytic drugs (Aspirin, Warfarin) 1-2 weeks before surgery, depending on the underlying disease of each patient.
  • In people with congenital diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, the symptoms of these diseases must be controlled to be within normal limits. before surgery
  • If there is a history of allergy to drugs taken or anesthetics, anesthetics should inform the doctor.
  • For those who need anesthesia should refrain from water and food for at least 6-8 hours.
  • Stop smoking before and after surgery. because it will make the wound heal slowly
  • Abstain from alcoholic beverages before and after surgery for at least 1 week.
  • Prepare to wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and on the day of surgery.

Chestnut Lip Surgery Procedures

  • The first step in plastic surgeon is an assessment to analyze the shape of the mouth Including technique and scope of surgery for each individual. in order to perform the surgery that best suits the patient's face
  • Before surgery, your doctor will give you a local anesthetic.
  • After that, the doctor will cut the lip flesh to the specified size and decorate the muscles around the mouth and decorate the upper lip to get the desired shape of the chestnut.
  • Surgery takes about 30 – 60 minutes.
  • After that, suture the wound layer by layer with dissolving sutures.

After surgery

  • In the first 1-2 days, apply a cold compress on the lips. to reduce swelling
  • Keep clean inside the mouth. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution for rinsing, especially after every meal. To prevent surgical wound infection from food scraps.
  • In the first 2-4 weeks, should eat soft, easily digestible food, not strong in taste, and avoid alcoholic beverages. and abstain from smoking
  • Avoid rubbing your lips for the first 1 week
  • Take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. And come to see the doctor as scheduled to follow up after the treatment.
  • If abnormal symptoms are found should come see a doctor immediately
  • There may be numbness in the mouth for about 1 – 2 months. After that, the numbness will decrease and improve accordingly.
  • Does the chestnut-shaped mouth hurt?

    This question is a question that many people want to answer the most before making a decision. Because pain is another problem that no one wants to encounter, but in fact, each clinic will have anesthetic paste or anesthetic injection on every patient case. Makes the patient feel no pain during surgery Including pain after doing it as well

    Make your mouth shut, can you speak?

    It may be a problem that worries young women that they have already made the chestnut-shaped lips and will not be able to talk to friends. Let me tell you that I'm sure that I won't worry. Because the chestnut mouth can talk normally. But may need to be careful not to open the mouth too wide, such as laughing, eating. or smile broadly because it will cause the wound that we sew to become inflamed and the wound may heal more slowly

    Chestnut-shaped lips, how many days does it take to get rid of swelling?

    Swelling or bruising after chestnut-shaped lip surgery is normal. Most of the time after the chestnut-shaped lips There will be swelling for about 3-4 days, then it will gradually decrease and fit in the third month after the chest-shaped lip surgery day. If any girl has swelling or pain in the surgical area for more than 1 week, hurry up to see doctor immediately which may cause harm

    Make a mouth and can it be fixed?

    This may be a problem that many young people are concerned about. Having made the chestnut-shaped lips and want to fix it, can it be fixed? I can tell you that it can be fixed because you have to look at the basics of the original lips that have been done, how much or little is left. In the case that the mouth is thin, it may not be corrected. Fillers can be added to create a fuller breast shape, but in most cases, it may be corrected because the doctor is not proficient in surgery. and there is no assessment of the shape of the mouth before doing it Or is it because the doctor didn't talk to the patient about the suitability? and the possibility of surgery therefore may cause an error but which has a small part to happen