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Siam Clinic Phuket is an aesthetic clinic based in Phuket, Thailand. We provides facial reshaping, body sculpting, filler injections, botox injections, thread lifting, mesofat, growth factor, liposuction, cool sculpting, facial massage, and laser treatments.

Siam Clinic Phuket stands as a beacon of aesthetic and wellness expertise in Phuket, established over a decade ago. Our commitment to exceptional skin care and beauty services is reflected in our perfect 5.0 ratings on Google and Facebook, with 162 and 138 reviews respectively.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including face contouring, fillers, thread lifting, Botox, skin treatments, liposuction, body contouring, and laser therapies. Led by the esteemed Dr. Aim, our team comprises highly skilled specialists and certified nurses, ensuring top-notch service and care.

Our clinic caters to both local and international clients, with a multilingual staff fluent in English and Thai. Safety and personalized care are at the forefront of our services. We utilize world-renowned drugs and tools, ensuring high-quality, safe, and natural-looking results.

At Siam Clinic Phuket, your beauty and wellness journey is our top priority. Experience the best in aesthetic care with us, where your beauty is responsibly and expertly crafted.

Dr. Phimphakarn Tantithummawong

Dr. Phimphakarn seamlessly merges her profound passion for medical aesthetics with her inherent artistic talent and a strong appreciation for the arts. She earned her medical degree in 2012 from Prince of Songkla University and has since cultivated a rich background in various medical disciplines, including general medicine and dermatology, ultimately finding her true vocation in aesthetic medicine.

Qualifications and Certifications:
Medical Education:
Doctor of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University (2012).

Specialized Training:
• America Board Laser Surgery (ABLS), 2017-2018.
• Certificate of Practical Chelation Therapy, CMAT (2016).
• Certificate of Attendance in Detoxification and Chelation Workshop (2018).
• Certificate of Practical Cell Therapy, Association of Cell Therapy, Thailand (2018).
• Certificate in PRFM & PDRN Novel Growth Factors in Dermatology (2017).
• Certificate in Fat Stem Cell Transfer to Face Rejuvenation, Renovia-ABLS Training (2017).
• Certificate in Microcanula Liposculpt of the Abdomen, Renovia-ABLS Training (2017).
• Certificate in Suture Suspension Thread Lift with SSC Cannula, Renovia ABLS.
• Certificate of Attendance in Thread Rejuvenation Training, KLOTHREAD (Medical academy in Korea, Nov 2017).
• Certificate in Upscale Technique of Facial Lifting by Tesslift Soft (2017).

Workshops and Symposia:
• Post Congress Cadaver Course for Facial Aesthetic: TOXIN, Filler Injections and Thread Lift&Live Injections in conjunction with cadaver dissection, THAICOSDERM.
• Aesthetic Medicine Session: Practical Points in Botulinum Toxin, Filler & Anatomy, TAARM Annual Meeting.
• Certificate of Attendance in “Management of Aesthetic Complications”.

Why Choose Us? Understanding the Importance of Your Time and Trust

At the heart of our service, we recognize the value of time - both yours and ours. We dedicate ample time to attentively listen to and understand your concerns, ensuring that your needs are thoroughly addressed. Our commitment to maintaining an exceptionally high standard in our clinical environment is a source of pride for us. But beyond the clinical excellence, we believe in building personal connections. We strive to know you not just as a client, but as an individual. This approach fosters a deep sense of trust and understanding throughout your journey with us. Our goal is to offer the best version of you, tailored uniquely for you.



We ensure the highest quality outcomes by exclusively using market-leading, medical-grade standards, guaranteeing optimal results for our clients.