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Threaded nose, dunked without surgery.

Nose Thread Lift How to augment the nose with threads It is to bring the thread into the nose to produce more tissue and collagen in the skin. By threading the nose is suitable for people with less nasal flesh and wide nose wings, because it allows the dunk to look natural.

In addition, nose threading can be done on the spot, such as filling only the nasal ridge area clearly. Adjust the shape of the nose to be more tight, or keep the nose wings smaller.

How does a nose thread make your nose lift?

  • Threads are the use of needles to carry melted threads that are inserted into the skin layer around the nose. The skin is then spiked up along the thread in the direction that the thread is threaded like a hook. After that, the subcutaneous area where threading is threaded is provoked to inflammation. (Inflammation)
  • After inflammation occurs, The body secretes substances that cause the formation of new blood vessels. It causes the stimulation of cells responsible for creating collagen fibers, creating new collagen wrapped around the silk thread. As a result, the pulling of the skin brace on the nose. Tightens the nose with firmness. Stimulates blood circulation to feed the skin layer.

How many years can a nose thread last?

There are two types of thread:

  • Type that lasts for 1 year
  • Type that lasts for 3 years
  • By the time the period passes until the silk threads dissolve. Our noses still look as beautiful as ever.

Can threading really keep the nose wings?

Threading can actually store the nose wings. For people with wings, big nose, wide nose, blooming nose, can be threaded to keep the nose wings smaller and more slender. Without surgery No wounds, no bruises, no swelling, which is as small as 0.1 mm. only

Pros – disadvantages of nasal threading

  • Rhinoplasty is a safe rhinoplasty that does not take risks because it is not surgical. No silicone inserted So don’t be afraid to break through. Distorted nose is inclined and does not require recuperation after the procedure. The wound is only 0.1 mm small. only
  • In addition, threading the nose stimulates our own collagen formation. Therefore, even if the silk threads have melted completely, the nose will still look beautifully shaped, and the silk threads can also melt away on their own. However, the duration of the silk thread depends on the type of silk thread.
  • The disadvantage of nasal threading is that the duration may not last as long as silicone supplementation, and if you have a lot of flesh on the nose, many silk threads are needed. This makes it possible for some cases to cost more than other forms of rhinoplasty.

Silk nose. Is it dangerous?

  • Nasal threading is a form of nasal beauty that does not require surgery and does not wear silicone. Therefore, it is considered a relatively safe beauty and has no side effects. Don’t worry about penetration or inclination.
  • But if it’s threaded with a doctor or clinic that doesn’t have the expertise, Subsequent things can result in harm, such as distorted nose shape, severe fibrosis or infectious inflammation.

What’s the difference between silicone reinforced VS nose thread?

  • Nose threading is suitable for people with less nasal flesh. People who are unsuccessful in nose surgery and people who are afraid of surgery because of rhinoplasty with silk threads. Don’t be afraid to break through. No need to recover and be beautiful immediately after the surgery, because the wound is only 0.1 mm small. Importantly, threading can be revised, but the downside is that they are not permanent.
  • Silicone Reinforcement Silicone reinforcement should be supplemented to suit the available nasal texture. Do not add too much bending to prevent silicone penetration risk. In addition, after surgery, swelling, bruising, recovery for a few weeks, and over time, if you accidentally exercise hard, it can also cause silicone to penetrate.
  • so If you are interested in rhinoplasty, please consult a medical professional to see which cosmetic method your face is suitable for. Whether it’s threading or silicone surgery, it’s for your own safety.

Practice before-after thread lifting to keep the results longer.

Before the thread lifting?

  • Consult your doctor to assess the facial structure and problems you need to solve to plan your treatment.
  • Once you’ve consulted your doctor, If you are ready, you can make a thread lift, you should give me a history of allergies. Vitamins and medications taken regularly (before threads, refrain from medications and vitamins such as aspirin, NSAIDs).
  • 24 hours before the thread lifting? Alcohol and blood-pumping activities should be abstained.
  • Anesthesia be injected before the thread lifting

Self-care after thread lifting?

  • After the thread lifting are completed immediately, there may be swelling, redness, bruising in the spots where the silk threads are normal, disappearing in a few days, do not remove, scratch or reflexology.
  • The clinic will prescribe painkillers to reduce swelling.
  • First 3 days Don’t move your face too much, so you can move in the wrong position.
  • Refrain from firing any lasers and other thermal procedures for 2 months.
  • Do you want to take care of yourself after thread lifting? For the results to last longer, It is important to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. Avoid heat-related activities and refrain from alcohol and facial contact.

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