Double chin thread lifting


Slender face with a thread lifting

Double chin thread lifting It is another way to help slender face, which is considered one of the parts of the body that is considered quite difficult to reduce. And it is found in the age of a larger age. However, dewlap may not only come from weight, but from genetics and lifestyle characteristics, which is considered one of the points on the face that people value, and threading reduces dewlap will solve the problem of dewlap or dangling.Hundreds of silk threads

What is double chin (Dewlap)?

  • Double chin is a fat that accumulates under the chin, characterized by sagging skin from the chin to the neck.
  • In addition to being overweight, dewlap may not occur only for obese people, as there are many factors that cause dewlap, such as genetics or sagging of the skin or muscles under the chin, an increased age, which causes the loss of collagen and elastin under the skin, causing sagging.

How many way to get rid of double chin?

There are several ways to reduce double chin, whether it’s natural weight loss exercises or medical techniques, which are shortcuts for many people, such as:

  • Weight loss, exercise This method is safe. There are no side effects, but it takes a long time to see the results, and the body weight must be reduced quite a lot from the original weight to start to see the results.
  • Thread lifting is the use of silk threads under the chin so that the silk body will lift the skin to look firmer. That’s how we’re talking right now.
  • Botox face living, Botox injection to tighten the skin around the neck.
  • Meso Fat is an injection of the drug to break down fat in the dew area to reduce the fat in the dew area. Make the dews smaller.
  • Hifu Collagen Lift is the use of high concentration ultrasound waves. It is sent to destroy tissue in the skin layer. This causes the skin in the muscle layer to contract, similar to the stitches in the flesh, stimulating collagen production or regenerating tissue under the skin, causing dewlap to decrease.
  • Liposuction is the use of tools such as Digital Vaser Lipo to suck out the dew. liposuction to make the dews smaller. This method is suitable for individuals with quite a lot of fatty dew. Heavy weight
  • Cristal Cool Sculpting is a cold disintegration of excess fat, sending cold waves at -9 degrees, aiming directly at removing only the subcutaneous fat cells without damaging other cells and tissues.
  • INDIBA® Face Lift is a tool that uses specific radio frequencies to improve cellular metabolism, increase blood flow, while also increasing oxygen levels in tissues and cells. The effect of INDIBA® DEEP CARE also helps produce collagen and elastin, helps to excrete tissue toxins and increases lymphatic drainage.

How does a thread reduce dewlap make it disappear?

  • A thread of cheek grooves is the use of a needle to remove a melted silk thread with a spine into the skin layer around the dewlap. The skin is then spiked up along the silk thread in the direction that the thread is threaded like a hook. After that, the subcutaneous area where threading is threaded is provoked to inflammation. (Inflammation)
  • After inflammation occurs, The body secretes substances that cause the formation of new blood vessels. It causes the stimulation of cells responsible for creating collagen fibers, creating new collagen wrapped around the silk thread. As a result, the pulling of the skin braces on the dew area. Tightens the dew with firmness. Stimulates blood circulation to feed the skin layer. Therefore, it can pull up the slacken immediately. A clearer face frame occurs.

How long does it take?

Will threading last? The results of threading in each person vary depending on the three main factors:

There are 3 types of silk threads.

  • PDO (Polydioxanone) lasts for 4-5 months.
  • PDL (Polycaprolactone) lasts for 18-24 months.
  • PLLA (Polylactate) lasts about 1 year.

The condition of the patient’s original skin before the thread reduces the dewlap.

Before the threading? If the patient’s original facial skin is firm or has enough elastin, it will help the results last longer. In some cases that are old, the skin often lacks elastin, so that the silk is not long gone.

Elastin Creation

In some cases, even if the silk threads dissolve, if the tissue has a lot of elastin formation, it will help to sustain the skin, maintaining the firmness of the skin for longer.

Practice before-after thread lifting to keep the results longer.

Before the thread lifting?

  • Consult your doctor to assess the facial structure and problems you need to solve to plan your treatment.
  • Once you’ve consulted your doctor, If you are ready, you can make a thread lift, you should give me a history of allergies. Vitamins and medications taken regularly (before threads, refrain from medications and vitamins such as aspirin, NSAIDs).
  • 24 hours before the thread lifting? Alcohol and blood-pumping activities should be abstained.
  • Anesthesia be injected before the thread lifting

Self-care after thread lifting?

  • After the thread lifting are completed immediately, there may be swelling, redness, bruising in the spots where the silk threads are normal, disappearing in a few days, do not remove, scratch or reflexology.
  • The clinic will prescribe painkillers to reduce swelling.
  • First 3 days Don’t move your face too much, so you can move in the wrong position.
  • Refrain from firing any lasers and other thermal procedures for 2 months.
  • Do you want to take care of yourself after thread lifting? For the results to last longer, It is important to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. Avoid heat-related activities and refrain from alcohol and facial contact.

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