What is Dysport Botox to help you adjust your face? What are the advantages of other brands of Botox?


What is Dysport Botox to help you adjust your face? What are the advantages of other brands of Botox?

Botox Dysport is

Botox Dysport or British Botox is the trade name for the extract ‘Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum toxin A, produced in England by Dysport, is commonly used for facial reshaping, wrinkles, tightening and blurring the face. It is just as effective as other brands of botulinum toxin.

Botox Dysport

How is Dysport Botox different from other Botox brands?

Unlike other brands of Botulinum toxin A, Dysport Botox is researched to be Dysport. It has a substance structure with molecules smaller than American Botox. It can be distributed well, suitable for injection to reduce calves. Lower jaws Reduce sweat in the armpits and palms because it can be distributed over a wide area.

Another difference is that BotoxDysport has a different injection unit than other brands of botulinum toxin A, Speywood units (s.U).

Botox Dysport?

Dysport Botox has the advantage that the drug has smaller molecules than Botox America and Korean Botox, making it more dispersed.

In beauty. Dermatologists prefer to reshape the face of patients with injections. Dysport botox on the face frame is called the DermolLift technique, which is a type of surgical facelift, also known as a non-surgical face lift.

DermoLift with Botox Dysport will help lift and tighten the skin in a natural way. Make the face not stiff, can smile normally.

How does a real Dysport Botox look?

For Botox America Want to know if Dysport Botox is real? Patients can observe it from various points, including:

  • Prevent opening with clear seals
  • It consists of the FDA registration number. This includes thai documentation.
  • There is a lot number. 2 points matched is the lot number. At the box with the lot number. At the bottle
  • In the bottle there is no water, but it looks like a coating on the bottom of the bottle. Therefore, before the injection, the doctor must put saline and suck the medicine out of the bottle to be injected.

Preparation before Dysport Botox Injection

  • Discontinue taking NSAIDs, Vitamin E, cod liver oil and ginkgo leaf extract for 1 week.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours before treatment.
  • If you have a history of herpes on your lips, you should inform your doctor before treatment to avoid the area around your lips.

Preparation after Dysport Botox Injection

  • Refrain from lying down for 4 hours after treatment.
  • Refrain from massage. Rub the treated area for 4 – 6 hours.
  • Avoid thermal procedures (lasers) or saunas for 2 weeks.
  • Ice compresses can be used in case of bruising or redness.
  • Cosmetics can be used after treatment.
  • The bulge from the injection disappears on its own within 2 – 3 hours.
  • If there are any abnormalities, you should see a doctor immediately.

Possible side effects After Dysport Botox Injection

Dysport Botox is an FDA-approved Botox in Thailand. Botox must be checked for authenticity and injected only by experienced doctors.

Fatigue, stiffness or small needle marks after Botox injections are normal symptoms that can occur and are not considered dangerous side effects. The chances of being allergic to Botox are very small.

Serious side effects include:

  • Infectious inflammation, which is usually caused by injections in non-standard clinics or pocket doctors who use equipment that is not clean enough. There is no sterile cleanliness system.
  • Eyelid drops The corners of the mouth are crooked, the smile is not the best, the face is stiff. Botox injections are caused near the location of side effects, such as injections near the upper eyelids, solving wrinkles around the eyes, causing muscle weakness in the eyelids and falling eyelids. If the injection is wrong, including the assessment of botox inappropriately and the injection is not in the right position.

Where can I inject Dysport Botox?

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