Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy)

Get to know Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy) ?

Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy). Leukocytes are responsible for helping to protect against pathogens, bacteria, or simply our immunity, where NK Cell is one of the same types of leukocytes that are present in our bodies. It is responsible for preventing and eliminating foreign bodies, pathogens, bacteria and cancer cells that may enter our body. Not to be able to live in our bodies. The reason why we are sick, sick, and more specially, NK cells can destroy cancer cells better than regular white blood cells.

NK Cell is already in our bodies.

NK Cell is a leukocyte that is already present in our body. Approximately 2,000 – 5 billion cells, which NK Cells can decrease as our body becomes weaker or caused by aging, which is why as we age. It can be easier to get sick, or to live in everyday life, younger people can destroy NK Cells if we rest less, drink alcohol or smoke, which does not only destroy NK cells but also the systems in the body.

If our body has fewer NK cells, it can cause infections such as shingles, hepatitis or flu that occur more frequently, a sign that fewer NK cells are present.

Lower NK Cell Therapy, how does the body exhibit?

In normal conditions, NK Therapy is found to be around 10-15% of Lymphocyte leukocytes and is less likely to be reduced by increased body weakness, usually due to increased age, which is associated with increased cancer, plus a daily lifestyle such as eating less protein, less rest. People with frequent infections such as herpes, shingles, hepatitis or catching a cold more often than before may be a sign of immunity drops or low NK Therapy because they are becoming less numerous.

Whenever the NK Therapy levels are low, the virus can easily attack abnormalities in the body. As well as continuing to spread, creating their own forces based on our bodies as a base, people with low immunity are more likely to get sick compared to those with normal immunity, such as influenza, avian influenza. Hepatitis is also a condition that allows such an abnormality to develop into a stage of a disease such as cancer.

Revitalize NK Cell with Self-Care

Eat up to 5 food groups, especially green vegetables, soybeans.

Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes

Get enough sleep for 7 hours / Day

Eat supplements that strengthen NK Cell but must be certified by food and drug administration both at home and abroad.

No cigarettes and alcoholic beverages

We can check the NK CELL in the body.

It can be tested by taking a blood test and looking at the working level of NK Cell (NK Cell Activity Test) to see how effective the NK Cell in our body is. If NK Cell is found to work to a small extent, it may not be as good for the body as it is, it can be at risk of developing subsequent diseases. Rehabilitation treatment is required to provide the body with more NK cells, which is good for the body to prevent pathogens and foreign bodies that may enter the body.

Although tests have shown that there is a normal level of NK Cell, it can restore NK Cell to a higher level because our body can change over time. Helps to build the body to be more immune. Reduce the likelihood of getting sick or getting sick.

Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy)

Another option that can help increase or regenerate is to use medical techniques to aid regeneration by removing NK cell separation from the blood cells in our body. Taken through the culture process with specialized medical instruments. For specific sorting It takes approximately 15 – 21 days to get the most effective NK cell suitable for reintroduction into the body itself.

Who is suitable for Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy)?

– Those who want to increase immunity in the body to prevent germs

– People with frequent illnesses

– People with fatigue

– People who are sick from viral infections

– Those who are exposed to pollution regularly from their job duties

– People who smoke for extended periods of time are at risk of developing cancer.

– Those who are older, because with age, NK cell volume decreases.

Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy) is:

The process of separating NK Therapy from normal blood cells to be introduced into the culture process in the international standard laboratory takes approximately 15-21 days to achieve the most effective NK Therapy for patients before being injected back to the patient. Strengthens the immune system. More efficient It is called a 1-to-1 clash with the virus, increasing the force of the military unit to be ready to fight viruses and foreign bodies that try to insert into the body at all times.

NK Therapy It can also be used as an alternative or complementary treatment for many cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer. NK Therapy searches for unusual-looking things and removes dead necrosis from the body every day. Therefore, it helps to reduce the chances of recurrence of the disease.

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