Eye Thread Lifting


Beautiful eyes, too. Threads lift the tail.

Eyelid Thread Lifting Is to solve the problem of outer eye corner drops because because of the age of aging. Wrinkles are also growing. The flabbiness is starting to fill up. The use of moisturizer alone may not be enough, and the effect is unclear.

But today there is a new technology that lifts the skin to look slender, wrinkle-free, but does not require surgery, and there are many ways to incorporate innovative silk threading. This removes soluble medical silk threads under the skin to pull tighten. Then stimulate the texture under the skin, in case the skin tightens and to make the horoscope look more natural.

Suitable for those who are afraid of surgery that take a short time to do as a result immediately after the procedure.

What causes the problem?

There are two main causes of outer eye drop:

  • The aging of the aging, most often caused by the first cause, is that age itself. It is called that everyone, as they get older, will face eyelids, eyelid drops are common and inevitably happens to everyone.
  • Genetic origin

The dropping of outer eye will make the eyes and face look sad all the time. Despite the smiling, this problem can be solved with eyelid pull surgery. But if you don’t like or fear surgery, This problem can be solved simply by threading the tail of the eye itself.

Outer eye Thread Lifting , How does the thread lift the eye?

  • A thread of eyelid lift is the use of a needle to remove a melted silk thread with a spine into the skin layer around the eyelid. The skin is then spiked up along the silk thread in the direction that the thread is threaded like a hook. After that, the subcutaneous area where threading is threaded is provoked to inflammation. (Inflammation)
  • After inflammation occurs, The body secretes substances that cause the formation of new blood vessels. It causes the stimulation of cells responsible for creating collagen fibers, creating new collagen wrapped around the silk thread. As a result, the pulling of the skin braces on the eyelids. Tightens the nose with firmness. Stimulates blood circulation to feed the skin layer. To tighten the skin. This makes the tail of the eye not fall and looks sleeker.

Who should have a eye thread lifting?

  • Those with wrinkles under the eyes, tails with deep trenches, cysts under the eyes, do not tighten or adjust the face frame to be more slender. This mainly happens to people aged 25 to 35 years and over.
  • Or anyone who’s not yet young but wants to make their faces slender. It can be done, too.
  • Anyone with wrinkles, sagging should make Botox or filler together, which will solve all problems.

Compare Eye Lifting Threads With Eyelid Lift Surgery

Thread lifting

  • It’s a temporary lift. Each eyelid threading can last. At least 1-2 years, and maybe even a little bit after 6 months, which may require additional threading services to extend the life of the thread.

Eyelid Lift Surgery

  • It is an eyelid lift surgery that solves problems in the longer term and can be performed in conjunction with double eyelid surgery at the same time.

You should consult a medical professional to find the most suitable way for your face.

Practice before-after forehead thread lifting to keep the results longer.

Before the thread lifting?

  • Consult your doctor to assess the facial structure and problems you need to solve to plan your treatment.
  • Once you’ve consulted your doctor, If you are ready, you can make a thread lift, you should give me a history of allergies. Vitamins and medications taken regularly (before threads, refrain from medications and vitamins such as aspirin, NSAIDs).
  • 24 hours before the thread lifting? Alcohol and blood-pumping activities should be abstained.
  • Anesthesia be injected before the thread lifting

Self-care after thread lifting?

  • After the thread lifting are completed immediately, there may be swelling, redness, bruising in the spots where the silk threads are normal, disappearing in a few days, do not remove, scratch or reflexology.
  • The clinic will prescribe painkillers to reduce swelling.
  • First 3 days Don’t move your face too much, so you can move in the wrong position.
  • Refrain from firing any lasers and other thermal procedures for 2 months.
  • Do you want to take care of yourself after thread lifting? For the results to last longer, It is important to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. Avoid heat-related activities and refrain from alcohol and facial contact.

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