Vitamin and mineral check up programs

Siam Clinic provides vitamin and mineral check up. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acid, and antioxidants in the body, which are designed to be suitable for people aged 30 years and over, either female or male, or those with health problems associated with unbalanced hormonal conditions, including weight gain, irregular menstruation. Chronic fatigue, near menopause or into aging with a doctor who provides advice, consultation and care on an ongoing basis.

Siam Clinic provides level check-up services. fatty acid Vitamins, minerals. Antioxidants as follows:

  • Fatty acids such as omega-3 index, DHA/EPA, omega-6 level
  • Key Vitamins Vitamin A, E, E, K, B1, B12 and Folic
  • Important minerals such as Magnesium, Chromium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc and Copper, among others.
  • Important antioxidants such as Glutathione, Co-enzyme Q10 and Carotenoids, among others.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are stable molecules that can donate electrons to free radicals, mainly
reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are toxic to our cells or tissues. Some antioxidants canbe produced endogenously such as enzymes, but exogenous antioxidants have to be
obtained from diet, including vitamins,minerals, plant bioactive compounds such as
carotenoids and polyphenols.

Nowadays, supplementation of antioxidants in people who concern about their health is very popular. However, the intake should be recommended by doctor or health specialist.
Moreover, the periodic monitoring of antioxidants in blood is essential and useful for
assessment of optimal levels of usage and follow-up.

Health benefits of antioxidants

Physiological antioxidants play an important role in the prevention of cellular damage which
can delay cell or tissue aging and may prevent some diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disease.

N Health provides the quantitative measurement of 10 antioxidants in serum using High
Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) which is a reliable analytical technique
including high accuracy, precision, specificity and sensitivity. In order to understand the
test results easily, “Graphic Report and Basic Interpretation” will be delivered.

Micronutrient Profile + Vitamin D2/D3

Micronutrients are substances required in small amounts that are essential to our
health, development, and growth. They are often referred to as vitamins and
minerals, which cannot be produced in the human body and are obtained from a
wide variety of food and supplements.

Micronutrients play an important role in metabolism, maintenance of tissue
function, optimizing health and prevention or treatment of disease. An adequate
intake of micronutrients is necessary, but the excess supplementation may be harmful.
Therefore, accurate assessment of micronutrient status in our bodies is veryimportant.
These special lab tests will be utilized to evaluate whether a person has any nutrient
deficiecies or imbalance. It gives one a better understanding of own body and
make healthier lifestyle choices, dietary adjustments and customizing nutritional
supplements etc.

N Health provides the quantitative measurement of Micronutrient Profile + Vitamin D2/D3
(19 parameters). Moreover, “Graphic Report and Basic Interpretation” will be
delivered in order to understand the test results easily.

Fatty Acid Profile