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Botox Calf Reduction Treatments at Siam Clinic Phuket

Exploring Non-Surgical Calf Contouring with Botox:

Siam Clinic Phuket presents an innovative approach to calf reduction using Botox injections. Botulinum Toxin, popularly known as Botox, is a versatile treatment extending beyond facial rejuvenation. When injected into the calf muscles, Botox weakens and relaxes these muscles, leading to a smaller muscle size and a more slender leg appearance.

Advantages of Botox for Calf Reduction:

The primary benefit of Botox calf reduction is its non-surgical nature, eliminating the concerns of surgical wounds or scars. There is no need for hospital recovery, and the procedure leaves no permanent marks. The relaxing effect on the muscles becomes evident after 4-6 months of injection, offering a temporary solution for calf contouring.

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Understanding the Botox Calf Reduction Process:

Large calves can often be attributed to muscle strain from activities like wearing high heels or prolonged standing. Botox is injected into the Gastrocnemius muscle in the calves, leading to muscle relaxation and a reduction in size. Prior to treatment, a thorough assessment determines whether the enlarged calf is due to muscle or fat, to plan the most effective contouring approach. In cases where fat contributes to calf size, additional treatments like mesofat may be recommended for optimal results.

Causes of Large Calves:

  • Genetics: Observing the average calf size within a family can indicate a genetic predisposition.
  • Lifestyle: Behaviors like frequent high heel use or prolonged standing can lead to muscle enlargement.
  • Exercise: Certain exercises, including running, cycling, or weight training, can increase calf muscle size.

Expected Outcomes and Duration:

Results from Botox calf reduction typically begin to show around 3 months post-injection, lasting for about 4-6 months. The longevity of results is influenced by factors such as ongoing calf muscle use and lifestyle habits. Regular re-injections may be necessary to maintain the desired calf size.

Dosage for Botox Calf Reduction:

Typically, Botox calf reduction requires a higher dosage compared to facial injections, using around 200-300 units per session.

Patient Reviews and Experience:

Prior to undergoing Botox calf reduction, it is advisable to review feedback from real users and assess the quality of care provided by the clinic, as the treatment requires gradual injections over time.

Pain and Mobility Post-Treatment:

The Botox calf reduction procedure at Siam Clinic Phuket is virtually pain-free, thanks to pre-injection anesthesia. The treatment does not hinder normal activities like walking or exercising.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines:

  • Avoid painkillers, aspirin, and NSAIDs at least 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • Refrain from consuming vitamins and supplements that increase bleeding risk, such as vitamin E and fish oil, for 2 weeks.
  • Abstain from alcohol 24 hours prior to the injection.
  • Ensure good physical health and disclose any medical conditions during consultation.

Post-Treatment Care:

  • Avoid massaging or pressing the treated area to prevent uneven distribution of Botox.
  • Stay away from sauna, heat treatments, and laser treatments for 2 weeks.
  • Refrain from consuming fermented foods and alcohol for 48 hours post-injection.

Select Botox Brands Offered at Siam Clinic Phuket

1. Allegan Allegan, a reputable American Botulinum Toxin brand, is produced by a globally recognized pharmaceutical company also known for the Juvederm filler series. Its safety and quality are assured by certifications from various Food and Drug Administrations worldwide.

Key Benefits of Allegan:

  • High Purity: 90% purified Botox, reducing the risk of drug resistance.
  • Rapid Results: Delivers quick and noticeable improvements.
  • Safety and Longevity: Known for its reliable safety profile and enduring effects.

2. Nabota Hailing from Korea, Nabota is developed by the DAEWOONG pharmaceutical company. It is certified by both the US FDA and Thai FDA, highlighting its international standards of quality. Nabota is acclaimed for its exceptional purity, with a 98.7% pure Botox composition.

3. Xeomin Xeomin, a German innovation in the Botox market, features a smaller molecular structure. This unique formulation enhances the purification process, effectively reducing the body’s likelihood of producing antibodies after injection.

4. Dysport Dysport, another esteemed brand in the Botox realm, is known for its effective and reliable results. It is a popular choice for patients seeking a balanced blend of safety and efficacy, and is recognized for its consistent performance in clinical settings.

5. Aestox Aestox, a newer entrant in the Botox industry, is quickly gaining popularity due to its innovative formulation and high-quality standards. It offers a unique alternative for those seeking the latest advancements in Botox treatments.

Why Choose Siam Clinic Phuket for Botox Calf Reduction:

At Siam Clinic Phuket, we prioritize safety and efficacy in all our treatments. Our experienced team ensures that each Botox calf reduction procedure is performed with precision and care, tailored to the individual needs and goals of our clients. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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