Temple Filler Injection


Temples filler injection helps to adjust the overall face shape to a greater proportion and reduces the appearance of the cheekbones. Temple filler injections in combination with cheek filler injections are the main way to reduce cheekbones for people who do not require surgery. Filler injections therefore help to replenish the lost volume and fill wrinkles. Fix the problem of temporal responses, temporal collapse. Temporal dents, give your face a youthful, glowing face. Looked watery and looked young again.

Temporal Filler Injection

What is temples filler injection?

Temple filler injection is the addition of filler or Hyaluronic Acid, a type of natural substance that is present in the human body. By injecting temporal fillers, we inject them into the temporal area and adjust the temporal area to look proportional. After the injection, the filler immediately sees the results. There is no swelling, bruising like surgery, and the filler can break down naturally.

The duration of the temporal filler breaking down is 1-2 years, no residues and can be added gradually, making it an increasingly popular procedure today.

What cause the sunken temple ?

This is caused by the following reasons:

  • Individual skull structure Usually the bones in the temporal area, forehead, cheeks, muscles are thinner than others. The deeper basin part is caused by the inner muscles atrophy or smaller than usual. It is not balanced with the outer skin, making it visible as a deep temporal loum.
  • Older, bone, tissue. Fat layer There’s a change, collapse, atrophy down. This causes a dent down the temporal area. When we were younger, The skin will tighten and tighten. Natural youthfulness from collagen and elastin that form the structure of the skin, as well as the surrounding tissues, remain strong, but with age, it is caused by sagging and the structure of the skin that deteriorates inside and out, and the muscles in the temporal part shrink or atrophy.
  • Braces can result in a decrease in the muscles used to chew food. As a result, the temporal looms can seem to be more responsive.

Who is temple filler injection suitable for?

  • Suitable for people who lose weight to toned body, but the flesh on the face has also collapsed.
  • A man with distinctive cheekbones, caused by temporal flesh and collapsing cheeks.
  • Someone who wants to reinforce their forehead.

Besides the temporal area, what can the filler inject?

Filler injections can be injected in multiple positions, with the most popular positions being as follows because the changes are most noticeable. Make your face look younger naturally.

  • Tear Troughs eye With age, the bones under our eyes will collapse. This makes the area less fleshy, causing the skin to sneak around. Fillers can be added under the eyes to make the face look younger.
  • Chin and Jawline Adjust the face to look more slender. It is another option to use instead of surgery.
  • Nasolabial line Deep cheek groove problems often make your patient look younger. Cheek groove filler can be added to fix the problem immediately.
  • Lip For those who want to change their mouth shape but don’t want surgery.
  • Temple area Temporal filler injections are suitable for patients who want to adjust their faces to proportions.
  • Forehead Filling the forehead filler will help to adjust the face to a beautiful proportion. Now it’s becoming popular for people who want to reinforce the wonk.
  • Nasal filler is suitable for people who want to perfect the shape of their nose in proportion and come out very naturally.

Pros and cons of temporal filler injection

Advantages of temporal filler injection

  1. Temporal filler injections are safe because hyaluronic acid genuine fillers are the same substances as natural skin structures. Makes it fit perfectly with the skin. As a result, the skin after the filler injection is natural.
  2. Genuine Filler It can be used to adjust the shape of the temporal face quickly, safe and harmless. No allergies, bruises or swelling.
  3. Filler injections do not waste time in recovery. After the filler injection, it can live a normal life immediately.
  4. Filler When it expires, it will disintegrate naturally, so it is safe not to be afraid of residues that will remain inside the body and do not require surgery to remove it when not needed.

Disadvantages of temporal filler injection

  1. Filler The limited age is about 18-24 months, when the filler expires, the temporal sunken area will be restored, so we have to see a doctor for more and more injections. Not finished at once is like surgery.
  2. If you find a fake filler, it will cause the skin to flow. Contains non-filler under-skin fluid It can flow into a pile together to make it look lumpy, which is very dangerous.
  3. If the doctor who injected the filler No expertise There was a mistake to inject filler into the artery, causing it to clog the blood vessels that feed the eyes. Can cause blindness

Is temporal filler injected dangerous?

The danger of temporal filler injections is rare, only by using non-standard fillers. If the filler used is FDA certified

How many days does the swelling disappear after temple filler injection?

  • Temporal filler injections are generally no ulcers, no swelling. The chances of bruising are relatively small, but they can occur because the blood vessels under the skin are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Generally, swelling may occur at the filler injection area about 1-2 days after the procedure.

Preparation before temporal filler injection

  1. Refrain from vitamins and supplements that make blood difficult to stop, such as Vitamin E, fish oil, ginseng extract, ginger, garlic, ginkgo leaves for at least 2 weeks before operation.
  2. Refrain from aspirin, NSAIDs for at least 2 weeks.
  3. Do not drink alcohol for 1-3 days before making.
  4. Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  5. Note: In case of medical disease or allergy Any other medications that need to be eaten regularly should inform the doctor before doing so.

Precautions after injection of temporal fillers

  1. Immediately after the temple filler injection. The doctor will attach the plaster to the pinhole. After 1 hour Therefore, it can be removed, there may be swelling, redness, bruising or itching at the point where it is done.
  2. Do not crack, press or massage at that point as this may cause infection, inflammation, these symptoms will gradually improve over a few days, but after 3 days the redness has not improved, please inform us immediately to return to the clinic as soon as possible.
  3. Smoking should be abstinent because there are many substances that dilate blood vessels, causing slow collapse, swelling, and shorter treatment outcomes or reduced filler life.
  4. It is recommended to stay in cold air. A cold compress to help reduce swelling faster in some cases where extreme pain can take clinical painkillers.

Temporal Filler Injection Review

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