Body Recomposition – INDIBA® Skin tightening

INDIBA skin tightening Deep care is a heat treatment technology that not only gives a heat effect on tissues, but can also produce therapeutic effects. The unique therapeutic effects come in.

INDIBA® Deep Care can be used as a first treatment or in combination with other treatments to enhance treatments® Using INDIBA Deep Care can help reduce recovery time from other treatments® and improve the quality of life of customers.

INDIBA History

  • Year 2019 In 1983, José Calbet began a study on magnetic resonance therapy. The first INDIBA® machine was known as CET,TEC or TECAR and later called TECAR Therapy.
  • After the launch of the first INDIBA, the development of 0.5 MHz spectrum technology until finally scientific research led us to discover a stable and effective spectrum that produces biological results of “448 kHz spectrum”.
For the safety of service users The clinic would like to inform that the service recipient can read the consent form.
You can access the service here. In order to know the side effects that may occur and make a decision for treatment

INDIBA Technology

  • INDIBA® DEEP CARE is a technology developed from cret® using a frequency band of 448 kHz, which provides three forms of biological effect: bioStation results on vascularization and hyperactivation.
  • This technology improves cell metabolism, increases blood circulation, while also increasing oxygen levels in tissues and cells. The effects of INDIBA® DEEP CARE also help produce collagen and elastin, help excrete toxins from tissues and increase lymphatic drainage.

Contraindications of using INDIBA.

  • People who wear defibrillators or have electronic tools implanted according to their bodies.
  • Pregnant persons
  • Inflamed veins Thrombophlebitis type

Precautions of using an INDIBA.

  • Open wounds or burns. If treatment is to be carried out, a specific method of use is required to avoid infection.
  • In patients with cognitive impairment (congenital impairment, nerve damage, half-hemisphere paralysis or half,take medications that result in exposure. It feels unusual.)

INDIBA with Beauty & Skin

  • General treatments in aesthetic medicine cause tissue damage to stimulate body repair, but INDIBA Deep Care will not cause tissue damage. It can also be used in conjunction with other tools to help repair damaged tissue.
  • INDIBA Deep Care can be used in conjunction with other treatments before and after. To increase the efficiency of the main procedures as follows:
    • Filler injections and thread thread threads
    • Fractional CO2 laser/laser, fractional ablative RF
    • Hyaluronic acid injection
    • Botulinum toxin injection
    • Mesotherapy Injections
    • IPL Making
    • Fat Reduction Lifting and tightening both face and body
    • Treatments or treatments to reduce cellulite
    • Hair Transplantation

INDIBA with the use of the back for post-surgery rehabilitation

  • Breast Tightening Surgery
  • Eyelid Skin Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Auricle Surgery
  • Face Lifting Surgery
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Liposuction and other fat breakdown methods
  • Scars (new scars and kieloids)
  • plastic surgery
  • Plastic Surgery

Siam Clinic Services

Review Case

INDIBA helps with face lifting

Lifting Indiba
Face Lifting Helps lift the face.

INDIBA helps with eye lifting. Bags under the eyes

INDIBA helps with slimming. Reduce subcutaneous fat

INDIBA with cellulite treatment, stretch marks, withered skin Postpartum skin

INDIBA helps to reduce cellulite, INDIBA helps to reduce stretch

marks, INDIBA helps to tighten the
skin. Used to tighten the skin of a person after childbirth.

INDIBA helps lift breasts

INDIBA with Hair Rejuvenation

INDIBA helps to strengthen hair roots and restore
hair indiba. Helps to strengthen hair roots and restore
HAIR INDIBA Helps to strengthen hair roots and restore hair.

INDIBA skin care and skin rejuvenation after surgery After surgery, after liposuction.

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