Chin augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation surgery

      Chin augmentation surgery is quite popular nowadays. come more than before especially in girls Because it helps the face to look slender, look younger, strengthens the confidence of the face. Chin augmentation surgery can help improve the face to be in proportion It helps the facial structure to change. Suitable for those who have problems with short chin, sunken chin, receding chin, etc.

      which is generally Thai people Including many Asian people have a distorted short chin. As a result, the face looks disproportionately short. beautiful facial features Upper part from the hairline to the eyebrows in the middle from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose and the lower part from the tip of the nose to the chin All three parts should be in equal proportions. If the lower part of the face is shorter than the other two will become a person with a short chin, small chin, when looking at the overall picture, the face is not proportionally beautiful enough

Chin augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation surgery or chin augmentation is one type of surgery. With a small surgical method, using the same type of silicone rod used in rhinoplasty surgery. There are both already molded from the factory. The doctor may come and do a little more decoration before adding it. with the kind that the doctor has to hone himself to suit each person's facial features which the silicone used must meet medical standards to perform chin augmentation surgery by a medical professional to be safe and get the desired results

Who is suitable for chin augmentation surgery?

      Chin augmentation surgery Suitable for people with asymmetrical facial proportions, including
  • The chin is too small. chin retracted inwards
  • Those whose facial structure is not shaped, the chin is disproportionate
  • People with short faces. The chin proportion does not match other face proportions.
  • In addition, chin augmentation surgery Also suitable for people with round face shapes. square face It will help the face look more dimensional. And suitable for people who want to adjust the face shape to have a V Shape, slender according to the popularity of today's people.

    What types of chin augmentation surgery are there?

          For anyone who is wondering how many methods of chin augmentation are there, how many types are there? Nowadays, there are 2 main ways of chin augmentation methods.
  • Chin augmentation by injection method
  • Chin augmentation with silicone augmentation surgery
          As for the injections, there are injections for chin augmentation with fillers and fat, which, once done, cannot be permanently fixed. Both fat injection methods and chin filler injections It can dissipate on its own in 1-2 years depending on individual self-care. Or in some cases, the injection may be repeated every year. Another method for chin augmentation is chin augmentation surgery with silicone. This is a small surgery that can enhance the chin. effective permanently silicone augmentation It can be shaped by the doctor being able to design and adjust the chin shape together with the patient. according to the needs and suitability Chin augmentation with silicone is very natural. It can be divided into 2 types: internal incision chin augmentation surgery and external incision chin augmentation surgery.
  • Internal incision chin augmentation surgery

          Chin augmentation surgery Open surgery in the mouth It occupies the inner gum and lower lip. to a length of about 2 centimeters (or depending on the size of the silicone) The doctor will separate the membrane at the bottom edge of the chin. Then place the silicone stick to fit the desired position. After that, the wound is sutured with dissolvable sutures.

    Advantages of incision chin augmentation

  • No scars. because the wound cannot be seen from the outside
  • Suitable for people with raised scars or keloids. because the wound is hidden inside
  • Popular among doctors or dentists who need to evaluate the jawbone and occlusion.

  • Disadvantages of incision chin augmentation

  • Even if the wound is not visible from the outside But the ulcers in the mouth adjacent to the gum line are less beautiful and noticeable.
  • High chance of infection from saliva or food scraps. Therefore, special care must be taken for mouth ulcers.
  • Placing the silicone next to the lower jaw bone Has a chance to move and not match the desired position
  • There may be problems with the chin muscles and the nerves that feed them. resulting in the contraction of the chin muscles when viewed from the outside The skin may look uneven.
  • There is a limited space for surgery. Requires a long incision in the mouth to place the silicone This causes the tissue to bruise and bleed profusely. Closing the wound was quite difficult.
  • When there is a problem with crooked or tilted silicone, it is difficult to fix. because there are many stitches in the mouth Repeated surgery will increase the scarring.

  • Caution

    Internal incision chin augmentation surgery must pay attention to housekeeping It is important to reduce sepsis or complications. Be careful about food scraps left in the mouth. and be careful not to hit the chin until the silicone moves in the wrong position

    External incision chin augmentation surgery

          In this form, it's surgery. Chin augmentation surgery from the outside In the chin augmentation process, the doctor will make an incision under the chin. The average is 1-1.5 centimeters. In order to position the silicone obliquely downward to make the face look slimmer and to adjust the chin shape according to the patient's facial structure, the surgery will be done in conjunction with anesthesia. Surgery takes about 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the difficulty of adjusting the face shape of each patient.

    Advantages of external incision chin augmentation

  • There is less chance of infection than open wounds in the mouth.
  • Muscles and nerves are relatively less affected. Because the doctor can bypass the muscles and nerves. to enter directly into the lower edge of the jaw bone
  • When there is a problem with the silicone bent or tilted, it will be easier to fix. because the surgery can be repeated on the external wound
  • Silicone can be positioned easily.

  • Disadvantages of external incision chin augmentation

  • After Chin Augmentation Surgery With this method, there will be a slight scar under the chin like a broken chin. Length about 2-3 cm.
  • Not suitable for people with raised scars or keloids.

  • Caution

         External chin augmentation surgery may not be suitable for people with scars easily. Therefore, in some cases, scarring may occur. But if taking good care, apply scar cream regularly. Scars may heal. On average, it takes a long time, about 1-3 months.

    Types of silicone used in chin augmentation surgery

    1. Caution

         There will be a curved leg to cover on the chin bone so that the silicone is at the same angle as the face frame. Causing no joints to occur between the cheeks - chin The silicone legs will help lock it. Don't let it hang down under your chin. chin bone lock Prevent crooked chin Silicone long legs, suitable for those who have problems with cut chin, sunken chin, receding chin, very square chin. The silicone must be Covers the jaw line joints. get with face frame make the face more proportionate

    2. Long silicone legs

         There will be a curved leg to cover on the chin bone so that the silicone is at the same angle as the face frame. Causing no joints to occur between the cheeks - chin The silicone legs will help lock it. Don't let it hang down under your chin. chin bone lock Prevent crooked chin Silicone long legs, suitable for those who have problems with cut chin, sunken chin, receding chin, very square chin. The silicone must be Covers the jaw line joints. get with face frame make the face more proportionate

         In addition to the nature of the silicone, the type of silicone also contributes to the chin. It fits more with the face shape too. If choosing the right type, it will help the face to have a good proportion, dimension, look slender, look perfectly beautiful. which silicone used in There are two types of chin augmentation surgery:

    1. Korean Silicone

          look natural Making the chin with Korean silicone will help make the chin look protruding forward. However, it also depends on the patient's chin texture.

    2.Silicone USA

          American silicone is not very soft, is a silicone that has a special standard. Very high purity of silicone
          Chin augmentation surgery (medical grade silicone) is a medical grade that is accepted in the cosmetic surgery industry. to look natural is safe for the body flexible Easy to sharpen to match the facial structure of each patient.

    How to prepare before chin augmentation surgery?

    After consulting a doctor and deciding to have surgery After chin augmentation surgery, you should prepare yourself for the most effective surgery. The preparation before surgery is as follows:

    1. Refrain from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin.
    2. Refrain from some supplements that affect blood clotting, such as garlic, fish oil, at least 2 weeks before chin augmentation surgery. Including some herbs such as evening primrose, high doses of vitamin E, foods that contain monosodium glutamate, garlic, onions, soy products for at least 3-7 days because they may cause abnormal bleeding or problems during surgery.
    3. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages 2 weeks before surgery.
    4. Refrain from all food and drink for 6-8 hours before surgery.
    5. Brush your teeth and have a meal before surgery. Because after surgery, there is usually less food.
    6. If you have underlying disease or a history of drug allergies You should let your doctor know first.
    7. You should bring relatives or close people with you on the day of surgery.

    Chin Augmentation Surgery Procedures

    Chin augmentation surgery Both surgical methods, chin augmentation surgery, internal incision, chin augmentation surgery, external incision have the following steps.

    1. Spit with antiseptic before surgery.
    2. Lie down in the operating room. to measure blood pressure pulse before surgery
    3. Your doctor will give you sleeping pills to reduce your anxiety. then inject anesthetic so that there will be no pain during the operation
    4. Surgery, chin augmentation surgery using silicone and suture the wound with dissolving silk (no need to cut)
    5. Lie down in the recovery room and put ice on the surgery area. And lie down and observe the symptoms for about 30 minutes to make sure that there are no complications. after surgery and able to return home don't have to sleep over

    How to take care of yourself after chin augmentation surgery

    When surgery, chin augmentation surgery After that, you still have to take care of yourself continuously. And strictly follow the advice from the doctor. By way of taking care of yourself after Chin augmentation surgery is generally as follows:

    1. After surgery, there will be swelling. Therefore, cold compresses should be applied for at least 48 hours. The swelling will gradually decrease for about 2 weeks.
    2. Regularly rinse your mouth with clean water, salt water, or mouthwash every 2-3 hours and after every meal. in order to maintain cleanliness in the oral cavity
    3. You should eat foods that are easy to chew, such as soft foods or liquid foods. and avoid moving the mouth at first
    4. After the surgery, within the first 2 weeks, activities that cause injury such as running, jumping and running should be avoided.
    5. In the beginning, lie on your back and prop yourself up with a high pillow. to reduce swelling and hemorrhage
    6. Avoid spicy food, hot food, pickled food, and food that requires forceful chewing. Including refraining from raw food because it may be contaminated with germs.
    7. Drink lots of water. should use a suction tube to reduce shifting of the chin
    8. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. To prevent the blood pumping up the face a lot. will cause the face to swell
    9. You should take medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Ready to take care of the wound strictly It will help the wound heal faster.
    10. Be careful of touching the chin area. Don't smile or laugh too much. and be careful not to cause too much impact on the silicone This may cause the silicone that is not firmly attached to the edge of the bone to be able to move.
    11. If there is an abnormality from the surgery or suspect that they have abnormal symptoms Should hurry to see a doctor immediately.

    Diet guidelines after chin augmentation surgery

    eating food after Chin augmentation surgery It is advisable to focus on soft foods. No need to use a lot of chewing force, mild taste, no spicy or salty during the first month after surgery, refrain from food, seafood, raw food that risks causing the wound to swell longer than usual.

    Side effects of chin augmentation surgery

    after surgery Chin augmentation surgery The face will not immediately fit into the picture. and may have some side effects as follows:

  • If there is a bruise after about 1-2 weeks of surgery, apply warm water to the bruise area. to make the bruise disappear faster
  • The swelling usually subsides and the chin takes on a new shape. When about 1-3 months after surgery.
  • After chin augmentation surgery Numbness may occur around the chin, lips, lower front teeth. due to nerve interference from surgery But they are generally temporary. The numbness will gradually get better respectively and can recover in about 1-3 months
  • If there is a strong impact or impact may result in it may result in a tilted chin Especially during about 1 month after surgery. must be corrected by incision to reposition the chin
  • Persons who are potentially dangerous and should not act. Chin augmentation surgery, including people with epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure Blood diseases and pregnant women or are breastfeeding

  • Does chin augmentation surgery hurt?

    Chin augmentation surgery It's a small surgery. who perform surgery together with anesthesia, so the feeling of pain It will be only when injecting anesthesia. after the anesthetic takes effect During the surgery until the end, the patient will not feel pain. but after the anesthetic wears off May have symptoms of stiffness or know a little pain which can take medicine for pain Including having a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling after surgery Able to travel back to the recovery home without having to recuperate at the clinic

    ศัลยกรรมเสริมคาง พักฟื้นนานแค่ไหน ?

    Recovery after chin augmentation surgery The average is about 7 days, but can go around. live normally Without affecting daily activities for 7 days, an appointment will be made to check the wound or cut the sutures, the chin shape will be in place for about 1-3 months.