Treatment – Wrinkle Reduction

Siam Clinic offers wrinkle treatment services with 2 types of wrinkle reduction treatments which are suitable for customers who prefer different methods. Details are as follows:

  • Wrinkle Program I reduces floating streaks by pushing vitaman and coating masks on the face.
  • Wrinkle Program II is like an on-top program, along with additional lasers to help rejuvenate the skin.

Wrinkle Treatment : WRINKLE PROGRAM  II

  1. Cleaning Milky is used to clean cosmetic stains that cannot be wiped or washed off with water and facial foam so as not to accumulate dirt from cosmetic stains by cleansing milk milk with a gentle formula.
  2. GOLG 24K System pushes vitamins and lifts the face with a golden spoon that emits a specific current, allowing the drug to push the vitamins deeper into the skin cells and revitalize the skin cells, which can penetrate the skin without causing the skin to be wound, so there is no chance of scarring to give it deep benefits. Rejuvenates all skin cells
  3. Pure Gold Mask Nourishing Gold Mask Adds Antioxidence To Slow Skin Degeneration It is a concentrated 24K Gold Collagen Mask. 24K Gold and collagen from deep sea fish help to rejuvenate the skin to be radiant and moisturized. Rejuvenate until you feel it.
  4. Laser facial skin helps to reduce dark spots, redness and dark spots from acne, reduce inflammation caused by acne, and reduce acne. Adjust the skin to look smoother and pore size to make it smaller. Brightens dull skin and adjusts skin pigmentation to look more even.
  5. Nourishing Skin nourishes, brightens, glows.

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