What is Restylane filler?


There are many types of fillers. Many brands, but which one to choose? Today, let's get to know Restylane fillers!

Restylane filler is a hyarulonic acid filler, or US for short, that originated in Sweden. Upsala is a certified filler factory owned by Galderma, a major pharmaceutical company, and is widely accepted by doctors around the world.

Restylane Filler

Why inject Restylane filler?

Fillers are fillers in the hyarulonic acid (HA) group, capable of extracting water molecules into the filler body. This makes those who are treated in addition to having adjusted the trenches. Restylane filler injection also adds moisture to our skin.

The reason why doctors around the world trust restylane fillers is because there have been many studies on the efficacy and safety after injections since the end of 1996, and at the end of 2019, 50 million treatments of Restylane fillers have been celebrated in more than 70 countries around the world.

The origin of this Restylane filler has been around for almost a hundred years, with Restylane being the longest-established filler in the world. Those who are treated first with brand filler injections. Restylane also lives a normal life on the planet.

Get to know more about Restylane fillers

Currently, there are 2 technologies to produce fillers: NASHA techology and OBT technology, which allows you to choose from a variety of filler configurations suitable for the needs and facial problems of patients at each point.

NASHA or Non Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid is a hyarulonic acid that is very stable and very safe in preventing allergies.

Since 1996, fillers have been widely used and are now used in more than 70 countries around the world, receiving FDA safety standards from the United States, CE marks from Europe.

The gel texture is small, medium, large, unequal in each filler. It has the property of extracting water molecules into the filler drug. After injection, it does not cause flow to different areas, and collagen is extracted from animals, which causes side effects of treatment in humans. In regards to the occurrence of allergic swelling. Red, the first Restylane filler manufacturing technology, NASHA.

What are the different models of Restylane fillers?

Currently, Restylane fillers have produced several models.


Restylane fillers in the OBT group have a concentration of 20 mg of hyarulonic acid. It is suitable for fixing thin skin areas with small creases that need resolution, such as around the eyes, making the skin look younger.


Restylane fillers in the NASHA technology group are models of fillers that do not contain anesthesia, gels, large particles. Designed to provide a good facial dimension with facial lifting force, commonly used to maintain midface position, fill orange cheeks, cheek grooves, lip corner folds, chin folds, results after treatment, fillers can last for 12-24 months.


Restylane fillers in the OBT group have a hyarulonic acid concentration of 20 mg, with moderate softness and high elasticity. Used to treat midface area or some people use it to fill orange cheeks, gum grooves, chin folds, results after treatment, filler can last for 12-24 months.


Restylane filler in the NASHA Technology group is the model of the most restilen filler with the highest lifting force available in Thailand. It is commonly used to fill in areas that require high lifting force, such as the temporal area, along the tendon position of the face, chin, cheek groove, etc. The results after treatment can last for 12-15 months.


Restylane fillers in the OBT group have a hyarulonic acid concentration of 20 mg, moderate softness and very high elasticity. The results after treatment can last for 12-15 months.


Restylane filler in the NASHA technology group has a small lifting strength, but has additional properties in terms of skin moisturizing. Wrinkles, deep grooves, shallow as well. The most popular position for filling is the forehead area, which requires a slight clichiness of the skin, a slight lift, and a small volume replenishment. Results after treatment Filler can last for 12 months.


Restylane fillers in the NASHA technology group have a concentration of only 12 mg of hyarulonic acid, which is less than all fillers in the Restylane filler group. Acne scars, dark circles under the eyes, or areas that need moisture mainly It does not change the volume too much, such as the back of the palms, soles of the feet, as well as fixing problems in the neck and chest mounds. This filler can also be used for injections. Results after treatment Filler can last for 12 months.


Restylane filler in the group Rejuvenates, nourishes the skin, adds moisture under the skin layer, reduces fibrosis or ulcers under the skin layer, which contains anesthetic ingredients, allowing the skin to be injected without feeling pain. The result after treatment filler can last up to 6-12 months.


Restylane fillers in the OBT group were invented and developed specifically for the beauty of the lips.  The 2-in-1 filler is able to fill the lips with a fuller look and create a clear lip shape at the same time. Results after treatment Filler can last up to 12 months.

How to spot genuine Restylane fillers

Restylane filler is considered a brand of filler that must be very careful when injecting treatment due to the presence of illegal importers and counterfeits, and it is news that it is frequently caught.

  1. A pharmaceutical company that is the correct distributor of Thailand. Made by companyGaldermaYou can call the company to check that the clinic Are the medical facilities that are using the drug actually ordered directly by the company?
  2. The drug documentation next to the box will be attached in Thai only.
  3. Hologram sticker is attached to the box in gold, with a reflection of galderma's company name, with a clear price of 25,000 baht.
  4. If the name Skinbooster is used on the side of the box, it will be immediately suspected because this name has not been accepted by the Thai FDA for use.Filler Plowm Or bootleg fillers.

What is eZTracker, how does it relate to Restylane fillers?

Restylane QRCode's cutting-edge technology ensures that Restylane fillers are genuine.

  • The product is genuine or fake.
  • If it's genuine Is the product box dyed cat, or is the sticker reattached?
  • Indicates how many QRCode scans have been performed.
  • There is information about which factory the product was manufactured from, where the factory is located, when it was properly imported to Thailand, when the pharmaceutical company arrived at the clinic, when the doctor received the medicine, when the medicine expired.

Contraindications to Restylane Filler Injection

  • Have experienced severe inflammation or infection after injecting other fillers or fillers before.
  • Those suspected of having an allergy to hyarulonic acid or lidocaine anesthetics
  • Patients with psychiatric problems
  • Those who have recently undergone facial peeling treatment within 7 days
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Those who are on hemostatic drugs

Restylane Filler Summary

Restylane filler is a standard safe filler widely accepted by doctors around the world. It has properties as hyarulonic acid contains. High security Can be used to fix facial shape, wrinkles. The trenches are very good and they are natural. Results and effectiveness are guaranteed from a wide range of academic publications. This allows those looking to reshape their face with filler injections. You can trust and choose to use it with peace of mind.

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