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Botox Face Lifting is a Botox injection to lift the skin to see the jawline and make the face more slender. This method is suitable for patients with thick muscles around the jaw. The face frame, under the chin, as well as the neck and shoulders, is preferable to inject to loosen the muscles.

Botox face lift face only uses techniques that inject facial frames. To lift the face, make it look more dimensional. This causes skin lifting by two popular techniques:

  1. Nabolift injects the front frame to the top to tighten the skin. It should be done only when urgent results are needed. It should not be done often because it increases the likelihood of Botox resistance.
  2. Nefertiti lift injects Botox to the Platysma muscle around the neck, which is the part of the muscle that pulls the skin down. Make the face sagging. Once Botox is injected, it causes the muscle part to pull up the skin. It is more forceful and gives the face a lift.

Injections of Botox face lift in the face, crow’s feet, deep cheek grooves, facial wrinkles, troubles bothering men today! In an era of online meetings, more selfies, no one wants to get old and always wants to look good, even as men take more care of themselves. Siam Clinic Phuket would like to introduce Botox It reduces wrinkles on the face in parts including forehead lines, frown marks, crow’s feet, jaw reduction, to look younger. Rejuvenates the face smoother. It also adjusts the slender face.

Who is suitable for face Botox face lift injections?

  • People with a crispy face start to amen even when they’re not old.
  • People who have had facial surgery or bones removed. This causes the skin to amenable to blurry face frame.
  • People with big jaw problems from the muscles often inject liv around their faces in conjunction with slender facial Botox.

Face Botox face lift injection, how many days do you see the results?

  • After the injection of slender Botox face lift, it will start to see results in 1-2 weeks, it will be evident that the skin will tighten, taper several times, will be injected together with Botox jaw to give the face a clearer, firmer frame. Holistic beautiful frame

How many months does Botox face lift last?

  • If the facelift liv is injected with nabolift technique, the result will last 1-2 months.
  • The injection of liv frame with nefertiti lift technique lasts 3-4 months.

Botox face lift, does it hurt?

  • During the injection of Botox liv, the face frame does not hurt, but only feels when dipping the needle and walking the anesthetic in the first place.
  • Before the injection, there will be an ice compress first, or if anyone is very afraid of needles, they can give the clinic an anesthesia.

How many method that can help face lifting

Adjusting the face to be slender, inverted in addition to Botox, there are other ways to do this:

  • Thread lifting In case the lower cheeks in the corners of the mouth are very sagging down
  • Jaw Reduction Botox Injection If you try to bite your jaw and touch your cheeks and find that you are very muscular, you can use the <a0
  • Nasolabial line filler and Tear trough eye filler is suitable for people with deep cheek grooves and grooves under the eyes, which usually have a falling cheek, not tightening, distinctive cheekbones, resulting in disproportionate face and short face.
  • Chin and jawline filler injection suitable for people with short chin, cut chin. After completion, the results will be immediately visible.

Practice before Botox Face lift injections

  1. Painkillers, aspirin, NSAIDS anti-inflammatory drugs including Ibuprofen, Naproxen should be discontinued at least 2 weeks before injection to protect against bruising.
  2. Refrain from vitamins that make it difficult to stop bleeding, such as vitamin E, fish oil. Evening Primrose oil, ginseng extract, ginger, garlic, ginkgo leaves for 2 weeks
  3. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before injection.
  4. Physical health is in good condition, there are no serious medical conditions such as muscular dystrophy and are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

How should I take care of my post-injection Botox Face lift?

  • Immediately after Botox injection. Do not massage the face or press or stroke the Botox injection area because it affects the distribution of the drug.
  • Refrain from lying down or bowing out after 3 hours of injection, always keep your head level above heart level.
  • Refrain from sauna, heat treatment and face laser treatment for 2 weeks.
  • Refrain from fermented foods. Raw and alcohol 48 hours after injection

Besides the Botox facelift, What other areas of the face can we inject Botox?

For complete face reshaping, Botox can be used in other parts of the face area as follows:

Highlights of Botox Face lift at Siam Clinic

  1. Guaranteed to see the results in every case after the case.
  2. Here we have many reliable reviews for you to choose from before making a decision. It’s a real patient review.
  3. We provide affordable services. Not too high or too cheap.
  4. We unpack the pills and open new bottles for patients to look at each other. It can also give patients boxes home. So that all of you who attend the service can check directly with the imported company.
  5. Our doctors are direct medical professors at Botox, so we guarantee that the substance used in the injection is absolutely genuine. You can check every serial number.
  6. Doctors use special effects based on calculations of shrinkage and loosening of shallow skin. After that, the doctor will design the face design of each patient to achieve the most lifting for immediate effect.

You will be served with high standards from siam clinics that are available to all of you.

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