Experience Thai Taste in Phuket

Phuket, located in southern Thailand, is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and delicious Thai cuisine. Visitors to Phuket can experience a true taste of Thailand by trying some of the local specialties.

1. Mee hokkien

This is a popular noodle dish that originated in Phuket’s Hokkien Chinese community. It is made with thick wheat noodles, seafood, and a flavorful gravy made from pork, shrimp, and soy sauce.

2. Khao kluk kaphi

This is a traditional Phuket dish made with minced pork or beef, and it’s mixed with a variety of herbs and spices, such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and chili. It is then served over a bed of rice.

3. Khao gaeng Phuket

This is a traditional Phuket dish that is a curry-based dish, it can be made with a variety of meats such as chicken, beef or seafood, it is served with rice and it’s often considered a one-dish meal.

4. Khao tang na tang

This is a traditional Phuket dish that is a type of rice porridge, made with a variety of ingredients such as pork, chicken, fish, squid and vegetables, it’s popular among locals as a breakfast dish.

5. Kua Kling

This is a traditional Phuket dish that is a dry curry made from a paste of ground chili, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, and other herbs and spices. It’s usually made with beef or pork and it’s served with rice.

6. Khanom Jeen Naam Ya

This is a traditional Phuket dish that is a type of fermented rice noodle dish, it’s often served with a variety of toppings such as fish, seafood, or meat in a spicy fish-based curry sauce.

7. Stir-Fried Crab in Curry Powder

This exotic delicious simple dish is a popular Thai seafood recipe which is unique in its use of meat/whole crab, fine curry powder, egg, milk and a few Thai sweet-savory sauces and vegetables. Allowing the crab meat to soak up all of the flavors and instant gratification.

8. Tom Yam Kung

One of the most signature Thai dishes known globally as its unique delicious sour and spicy taste that is tempting and testy. Besides wonderful taste, tom yam kung includes herbs which contain medical properties that are good for the body’s immune system.

9. Pad Thai

One of the world’s most beloved noodle dishes. This Thai noodle stir fried with a signature Thai sweet-savory-sour with peanuts, scrambled egg, firm tofu, vegetable and the most popular indispensable ingredient is prawns/shrimp. Don’t miss out on this authentic Thai dish.

10. Massaman Curry

The king of curries, Thailand delicious turmeric-spiked massaman curry remains on top of the list “World’s most delicious foods.” This tasty Thai savory-sour curry dish is mainly cooked with chicken and potatoes in marvelous curry and a slightly spicy sauce blended. It’s a flavor To-Eat list.

11. Crab Omelette

A classic, Thai fried egg dish with crab meat blended in hot oil frying, letting it sputter and spread until it is deep golden fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside, then flips. Make it mouth-watering by serving with steamed jasmine rice and a Thai-style fish sauce or chili sauce.

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