Beautiful Skin with Vitamin D


Beautiful Skin with Vitamin D

Beautiful Skin with Vitamin D? The values of most Thai people today. I want to have beautiful skin and don’t want my skin to be exposed to the sun until it becomes dull.  Many people avoid being exposed to the sun all the time, and as a result, the chances of the skin getting vitamin D from natural produce (about 90 percent)are reduced . to know more details.

Where does vitamin D come from?

There are two main forms of vitamin D in the body, vitamin D2 and D3, which our body can receive in two ways: from food and from self-synthesis on the skin when exposed to sunlight, but most of them are obtained from sunlight rather than food.  The body cannot synthesize itself, it must be obtained only from food.  Vitamin D2 is a vitamin found only in yeast, mushrooms, and plants.  Foods that are an important source of vitamin D3 are cod liver oil, egg yolks.  milk  butter  Animal liver  Some fatty fish, foods that find vitamin D2, include mushrooms and algae, for example. to know more details.

Vitamin D and sun exposure

Sunlight is the most common source of vitamin D.  Usually, 90 hundreds of vitamin D in the body is obtained through skin synthesis. Vitamin D synthesis relies on ultraviolet B light (UVB) from sunlight with waves between 290- 319 nm, when UVB from the sun hits the skin.7 – Dehydrocholesterol Keratinocyte, commonly found in the basal cell and spinous cell layers of the epidermis and dermis, is transformed into precholecalciferol ( pre-vitamin D3 ) in no time.  Vitamin D3 is then transported from the skin to the blood vessels in the dermis layer to enter the bloodstream and bind to vitamin D-binding protein in the bloodstream to introduce vitamin D3 into the metabolic movement.

Similarly, vitamin D2 can also be synthesized in plants from sunlight, with ergosterol present in yeast, mushrooms, and some plants such as phytoplankton and Zooplankton.  The human body can absorb vitamin D2 and it can be used, but if it is in ergosterol form, then it is not absorbed.

Benefits of Vitamin D

The benefit of vitamin D after absorption into the body is that it helps to protect the body in the yards of the system, such as preventing osteoporosis.  Regulates cell growth.  Vitamin D deficiency has been found to be associated with bowel cancer.  Breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes  Preeeclampsia heart disease and metabolic syndrome

Vitamin D deficiency

Younger people have lower vitamin D than older people.  Older people are usually likely to have lower vitamin D levels than younger people.

Because the production of vitamin D in the skin decreases with age, but for Thais, for the reasons mentioned in the beginning:  With the values of wanting to keep skin white, sunscreen has been used regularly since adolescence.  That’s why the average amount of vitamin D is declining for both women and men.

In elderly people, there may be a lack of vitamin D because the skin and kidneys are less effective.  Obese people or those who absorb fatty foods poorly are also more likely to lack vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for many systems and the chances of a lack of vitamin D are high.  It doesn’t seem to be enough to have vitamin D in your diet because it’s hard to find foods high in vitamin D. Supplements play an important part in getting the right amount of vitamin D.  That’s the right amount to supplement the body.  If you are younger than 50 years old, you should receive 200 IU per day.  If you are 50-70 years old, you should get 400 IU per day, and if you are over 71 years old, you should get 600 IU per day.  However, excessive exposure to the sun does not cause vitamin D poisoning either.  Because the heat on the skin helps break down vitamin D in the body, not to overload it.

Vitamin D Level Measurement

Taking a blood test to see your vitamin D or 25 (OH) VitD levels is the best way to tell if your body has the right vitamin D levels.  There are 2 counting units, ng/ml and nmol/l, where 1 ng/ml = 2.5 nmol/l and have a normal value of 30 ng/ml.

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