Mother’s Day Promotions 2021


Siam Clinic…want to be part of sending “Love & Care” to the grace of “Mother”

Throughout the month of August.. 2021

Beauty Me & Beauty Mom
I invite you…everyone…
To Create..a little encouragement…
To Create..laughter…
To Create.. Smile…

For…”Mom” 💙

Send happiness….to your mother.

Just have a minimum purchase of 1,999.- any course for yourself or buy for mom.

And just follow the simple rules..

1. Take a photo with your mother with a message..cute..or touching..
(In the event that the mother cannot come .. can take the photos that have been taken as a couple )

2. Post a picture to the page and check in.
Siam Clinic Siam Clinic Phuket Beauty Clinic

3. Press like and share to friends.
or your mother

We would like to give a very special gift…
1. Get free…a gift for mom, Free sunscreen, worth 390.- ( 1 right / 1 person )
2. Golden spoon, facial massage, skin tightening, worth 900.-

and join to win 1 grand prize
For the person who posted the message, the most resonating
Take it…

HA Filler Chin Belotero 1 ml
worth 20,000

Announcing the lucky winner on the page
Date 05.09.64

Deadline: 31.08.64

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