Personalized Weight Loss Programs

Siam Clinic provides health check-up programs to tailor-made programs, starting with the clinic’s doctor’s consultation. Undergo a physical examination, assess the proportions of the body composition, assess the risks in various areas, and take a blood test for laboratory results. To be used in individual weight loss plans.

By way of individual planning, it goes deeper into your genetic and hormonal levels, as well as your diet plan and overall exercise guidelines.

Personalized Weight Loss Program Services

  • Blood tests, hormone levels and antioxidants.
  • Check the patterns of eating based on genetic characteristics (DNA).
  • Analyze body composition, analyze body composition
  • Check the fatty acid level
  • Exercise plan
  • The right way to eat As follows: Intermittent Fasting method, Low Carbohydrate diet or Ketogenic diet.

This program Clinically, the focus is on continuous long-term healthcare. Set the first day of logging, the period between losing weight to reach the goal, until the goal is achieved, and entering the phase of maintaining a sustainable weight, closely monitoring the progress on a monthly basis both at the clinic and in the clinic’s online channels.