DNA screening test programe

Siam Clinic provides a DNA screening test, designed to be suitable for people aged 30 years and over, both female or male, as preventive healthcare is becoming increasingly popular. Don’t wait for the illness and then heal.

What effect does a DNA screening test have on us?

1. Diet response

  • Will there be a summary of whether to avoid any particular type of food? The body is sensitive to these foods that stimulate the body to react or symptoms.
  • For example, if it is Low Carb, it is not recommended to eat too much starch, because insulin in the body reacts faster to glucose than the average person, which means that it may be easy to gain weight if you do not choose starch well.
  • Examination list type on Diet: Alcohol Sensitivity / Caffeine Sensitivity / Theophylline Sensitivity / Fat Sensitivity / Carbohydrate Sensitivity / Salt Sensitivity / Coeliac Predisposition / Lactose Intolerance / Spice Sensitivity / Taste Sensitivity / Sweet Tooth / Weight Regain

2. Various nutrient requirements

  • See what nutrients our body needs in particular. Some people may need vitamin A more than others, others need high iodine, fatty acid requirements, which vary from person to person.
  • Examination item type on Nutrition: Antioxidants / Calcium / Folic Acid / Iodine / Iron / Magnesium / Omega-3 (ALA,DHA,DPA,EPA) / Phosphorus / Selenium / Vitamin A, E, B2, B12, B6, C, D / Zinc

3. Genetically appropriate exercises

  • See how powerful, resistant, stamina, our body’s fitness is, how vulnerable it is to injury. What is the recovery of the body, which type of exercise should be divided more and less?
  • We will be able to see the genetically based physical condition of what kind of exercise we should be doing and what kind of sport it should be.
  • Test Item Type on Sport & Fitness Topics: Risk of Achilles Tendon Injury / Blood Flow / Body Composition / Endurance Capacity / Fatigue Resistance / Heart Rate Response to Exercise / Injury Risk / Lactate Clearance / Lactate Production / Risk of Achilles Cruciate Ligament Rupture / Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps / Oxygen Efficiency / Power Capacity / Recovery Efficiency / Strength Profile / Water Loss

4. Holistic HealthCare

  • Such as metabolism and inflammatory responses. Life expectancy, bone density.
  • Examination list type on Well-Being: Appetite Control / Bone Mineral Density / Inflammatory Response / Life Longevity / Metabolic Response / Stress Fracture Risk

5. Stress and sleep

  • Provide information on sleep quality. Deep sleep, easy or difficulty sleeping, people who like to stay up late or like to get up early. Stress tolerance
  • Examination item category on Stress & Sleep: Sleep Apnoea Risk / Sleep Depth / Sleep Duration / Sleep Movement / Sleep Quality / Sleep Time (Chronotype) / Stress-Induced Obesity / Stress Tolerance

6. Skin Health

  • It helps to guide the care and nourishment of the skin, for example, some people may already be at risk of premature aging. Some people are more likely to develop Keloid easily, the chances of each cellulite accumulation are not equal. Out in the sun, who’s skin is more likely to burn than DNA can predict?

7. Ancestor tracing

  • Perhaps to understand that we are authentic Thai. There may actually be East Asian descent. South Asia, or some people, may find european ancestry through DNA testing at all.

Our genetic characteristics are inherited from our ancestors, including health risks such as certain cancers or energy capacity. Energy Metabolism Genetic or DNA risk detection programs can help tell us the possibility of diseases occurring based on our genetics. It will also help us plan for a better quality of life. From adjusting lifestyle with genetically appropriate diet and exercise.

DNA screening test at Siam Clinic Phuket